Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Where does the time go!?

I can not believe how fast time has gone! My little baby is six months old! That's half a year (you're thinking...well DUH, when one year is made up of twelve months....half of twelve is YEP six months is half a year!)
It's not fair that time goes by SO much faster after they are born than it does when you are pregnant!

He has grown so much, learned so much, developed and got it, so much! He started out looking like his "own" little person, a little like Paisley when she was born, but he definitely had his own little look. Now he just looks like a little Marshall!

He started out weighing 6 lbs 14 oz and only 19" long, now he's 16 lbs 11.2 oz and 26.5" long. He can roll from his tummy onto his back and can sit up by himself for a tiny little bit. He LOVES to jump! He can put his own soother in his mouth...and he's pretty good at taking it out too! He can scoot along the floor on both his back and tummy. He knows who is family is and smiles big for his Brother!

Even though he is my third, I'm still so amazed at how fast they grow and change!

We sure LOVE you Mr.Benson! We are so incredibly happy that you came to our family, it just would not be the same without you! It warms my heart to see your older siblings absolutely adore you (even though they sometimes love you a little 'too much')!! I hope that you three will always be such good friends and will be able to work out your differences (because I know they will come).

Thank you for bringing so many smiles, snuggles and giggles into our home! We love you a bushel and a peck!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Run Aways

Two weeks ago I had my first experience with my children "running away". Let me tell you, it was SO funny!

It all started one day after school. I was on the laptop doing some online banking and was just about to get off as Benson needed to be fed. Marshall came up to me and asked if he could watch some basketball on the laptop (something him and Irish do on a regular basis...usually at breakfast time). I told him that I didn't have time to set it up for him, that I needed to feed Benson...AND that he hadn't earned it. Well apparently that was just the 'end of the world'. He got all pouty and whined "I hate this word" (I'm assuming the word he wasn't liking was 'No')

I replied saying "I'm sorry hunny, but you haven't earned it & I need to feed Benson" He stomps his foot, has his arms folded, and with a scowled look on his face and says "I'm so mad, I'm going to run away"
Me: Run away!? Where are you going to go?
Marshall: I don't know, I need a bag

So he goes around the house looking for a bag to 'pack' some items. He comes back into the living room and starts putting some toys into it.

I continue to ask him questions that will hopefully get him thinking and maybe realize that running away isn't the answer

Me: Marshall where are you going to sleep?
Marshall: By myself
Me: Who is going to feed you?
Marshall: I don't know, I'm just going to run away

He goes up stairs and comes back down with a stack of P.J's an puts them into his bag. Meanwhile Paisley is beside herself. In tears, crying "I don't want Marshall to leave". I'm trying to console her, and let her know that he's not actually going to leave...and then all of a sudden a switch flips and She's going with him! So now she's looking for a bag. I ask the kids if I should give away their bunkbed, toys & other know...since their running away. Marshall told me no, because they weren't going to run away forever!

As Marshall is getting his coat on he tells me "I have some of my toys, pajamas & my boots in case it snows"
I ask him "Hunny, where are you going to go? How are you going to keep warm? Who is going to feed you? Who will tuck you in tonight? Who is going to sing to you at Bedtime" He pauses for a minute and then tells me that they are going to run away to Mary-Pats (Our Grandma friend & neighbor who lives kitty corner to us).

Since they said they were going to go somewhere in particular I decided I would let them 'go' and hopefully get this whole running away thing out of their system.

I watched them go over to her house. Marshall knocked on the door, no answer, knocked again, no answer....put his bag down and knocked on the door a couple more times. They then walked down her side walk and around the side of her house, at this point I could no longer see them. I thought to my self 'oh I hope they aren't going to just sit there and wait for her to come home'!

After a couple of minutes they come walking back around the side of the house and look like they are heading home...when who comes driving down the road!? Yep, Mary-Pat! Great timing! They see her and turn around running back to her driveway.

I start laughing to myself just thinking of what Marshall is going to tell her, how he'll say it and what her reaction will be! I give them a couple of minutes to go inside and then give Mary-Pat a call. Luckily she's laughing at the whole situation as well!

Apparently Marshall told her that they were coming to live with her!! Told her what days he goes to school, when he needs to be there and when he needs to be picked up! I tell her that I'm just in the middle of feeding Benson and I'll be over as soon as he's done!

Not too much later I see Marshall running back to our house. He bursts in the door and says "I forgot my backpack...and I need to get Paisley's coat" At this moment I am trying so hard NOT to laugh! How cute & funny is it that he came back to get his backpack!? And with that he was gone back over to Mary-Pat's!

Once Benson is finished We get our coats on and head on over to Mary-Pat's. When Marshall sees me come in the door he just groans.

"Mooooom, what are you doing here? I told you that we are running away for two sleeps and then we will come back home"

I told him "I came to talk with Mary-Pat and then we are all going home" He wasn't to pleased with the fact that I said we were all going home. I think he honestly thought they were just going to live there for two 'sleeps' and then come back home. As if Mary-Pat could just drop all her plans for the next two days and take care of them.

When we finally did go home we all had a nice chat about how we don't run away from our problems. Instead we need to talk about them, because running away wasn't going to fix anything.

Not that I can 'blame' this whole thing on a book...but I am! I blame a book on putting the idea of running away in his head. Not too long before this whole incident we read "Just So Mad" (one of the Little Critter books) throughout the whole book the critter wants to do certain things and he keeps being told 'No' by different people. So in the end he says he's going to run away. He packs some snacks and I think some toys and is about to run away when his friends show up and ask him to play. After reading that book to the kids I specifically mentioned how it was so silly that the Critter was going to run away just because he was upset...apparently Marshall didn't get the Memo!

All in all everyone involved (except the kids) had a good chuckle over it! They haven't mentioned running away again...yet!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Freezer Meals

About three weeks ago I was preparing to make another five week meal menu (I'm telling you this is the BEST thing ever! Not having to stress about what we will be having for dinner for five weeks is AmAzING!!) my friend told me about this site (six sisters' stuff). She had told me that she had been on there looking at some recipes and they all looked delicious. SO I decided to go and check it out...I think i`m safe to say that the majority of my meals on the latest menu are from this website.

I found recipes for 8 freezer meals! (that apparently you can put together in 1 hour...but whoever did this did not have three children at home, one of which is the most adorable little boy you have ever seen...who (at the time) never seems to sleep, considers naps to be 45 min or less, and just wanted to be held)

It took me the better part of the afternoon...all afternoon to put them all together. I went shopping in the morning & got everything that I needed. They also provide a printable shopping list, & a suggested side dish...very nice, no `thinking`required! I was amazed at how in expensive it was. When you think about it, I was purchasing groceries for the entire week, plus all the items for the eight freezer meals (I already have the chicken and spareribs in the I didn`t have to buy them) annnd also purchased some items that were on sale! I spent just over $100 (that is almost enough food for two full weeks...not fresh fruit & veggie wise, but dinners for sure)

Needless to say, I`m LOVING prepping dinner this month!!

So far we have eaten two of the freezer meals. The BBQ Spareribs & the Maple Dijon Glazed Chicken. Both were good, not amazing, or oh my goodness I have to make this again...but they were good...and my kids ate it (always a bonus)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pizza bites

I LOVE trying new recipes! I came across this one on Pinterest a couple months ago and finally put it on my meal menu. Let me tell you, it was a HIT! Everyone loved it (Gotta love a crowd pleaser!)

This is what I did:

Made my pizza dough and rolled it out on the counter. Sliced it into squares and sprinkled the toppings all over the top (I figured it would easier this way, rather than try and place the toppings on each individual square)
I did two different kids: 1) Cheese, Pepperoni, and Pineapple 2) Cheese, Pepperoni, Pineapple with Sauteed Mushrooms, Zucchini, & Peppers.(Divine!!)

Then you roll up each square, pinch the seams/sides together and place the pizza bite seam side down in a greased dish

Then brush the top with either Olive Oil or melted Butter and sprinkle Garlic powder, seasoning of your choice (I used an Italian blend) and Parmesan Cheese

Bake in the oven as per directions for you pizza dough
We then dipped our into Prego Pasta sauce and enjoyed every bite! I will be making these again!!

Here is the link to where I found the recipe:
(There are a lot of yummy recipes on this site!!)

First Digital LO

We recently bought me a laptop so that I could start Digitally Scrapbooking. I haven't had that much time to sit down and really play around with it, but what I have started doing, I have enjoyed! This past weekend a few of my sister in-laws, and friends got together to craft! I brought my laptop! Let me tell you, it was SO much nicer to only have to bring ONE item...instead of multiple boxes/storage containers with all my scrapbook supplies. These are my first two LO's (Lay Outs) that I have completed!

This is my very first lay out...I'm not extremely happy with it...but I don't think it's horrible either. I know I will get better at it over time...going from paper scraping to digital almost feels like starting over...You have to learn how to do everything all over again, become familiar with all the product you have (you wouldn't believe how many FREE digital supplies there are out there, it's awesome!!)

This is my second Layout. I like this one better! Perhaps because of all the coordinating paper? Or maybe because it's all about Miss P and her silliness :) (I think if you click on it, it will open to the correct size...that way you can read about each picture!)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

She can take care of herself

Our Paisley is a little firecracker, she definitely keeps me on my toes! She is a determined little girl who knows what she wants, and is going to let you know it... I didn't ever experience "wardrobe malfunctions" with Marshall when he was her age, he could care less what he was wearing!

When we found out that our third child, Benson, was a boy, both Irish and I thought "Ohh good, Paisley will be well taken care of! Two brothers to protect her"...Well I found out the other day, that she may be the one doing the "taking care of"

Paisley, Benson and I were picking Marshall up from school. Marshall was distractedly (it's hard to stay focused when the hallways are crazy with kids here and there) putting his papers into his backpack, and suppose to be switching his shoes...all the necessary things in order for us to go home.

A little girl in Marshall's class who was about 10 feet away starts saying "Martian, Martian, Martian" not in a rude or teasing way...just somewhat chanting it and moving closer to him while doing so. It took a couple minutes, but she eventually made it over to where Marshall was standing. The whole time Marshall was just holding his backpack, semi-smiling...not seeming bothered by what this girl was doing.

So It's Marshall, Paisley and this girl standing in a circle. The girl continues on with her chant "Martian, Martian, Martian" Meanwhile the girls Mom or Daycare Provider has told her that it's not nice to call people names and that she should stop.

By this time Paisley is looking at Marshall, and then at the girl, and back at Marshall. I could just see the wheels turning in her head "she's calling you Martian, are you going to take that, what are you going to do about this" when all of a sudden she just flat out punches the girl in the arm!!!

I was so shocked! She's not usually the hitting/punching type! (although she has been hitting back lately.)

I quickly knelt down to her level and tell her that we do not punch, and tell her that she needs to say  sorry to this little girl! (I think the little girl was just as shocked as I, but she didn't cry or act hurt in any way, she just stood there looking at Paisley) I was trying really hard not to laugh as the image of Paisley punching this other girl kept replaying in my mind, the expression on Paisley's face was priceless!

After about 10 minutes Paisley finally apologizes, in a somewhat acceptable tone.

Lucky for me the Mom/daycare provider didn't seemed to bothered by it as she said when I apologized to her "It's okay, she sorta had it coming"

...Would you judge me I told you I was somewhat silently cheering inside!? I suppose I don't have to worry about this one being bullied...and hopefully she's not the one doing the bullying!!

I am Mama hear me roar...

...Or watch me break down a door!!

This incident in which I'm about to share with you happened about two months ago...and yes, I am just NOW sitting down to add it to our blog...I've been a little busy, it's quite the adjustment handling three children, and half day kindergarten.

On August 15th I was getting ready to go down to Utah with some of my family, for a funeral. Just Benson and I were going. That morning when Benson went down for his nap I let Marshall and Paisley play the Wii and I took that opportunity to have a shower.

In times past this has worked just fine. If I didn't get a chance to shower while Irish was home, I would wait till the baby was napping & put a movie on or let the kids play the Wii. This day was a little different!

I was almost done, when Paisley comes into the bathroom and announces that she wants to shower with me (nothing unusual, this girl LOVES water. I tell her to hurry, as I'm almost done & have a little more packing to do. So she gets in, we lather her up, rinse her off and get out.

Just after we turn the water off I can hear Benson (2.5 months old at the time) screaming his head off! I quickly grab my towel and rush off to get Benson....only I can't, because my bedroom door is locked!! It's not one of those locks that you can stick a bobby pin in either, it's a key lock. We have the key for the door...but yep, you guessed it, it's IN my room. I turn back to Paisley and ask her if she was in my room, to which she 'nonchalantly replies, Yes.

I call Irish at work, in a panic. I don't know what to do. Our poor baby is screaming hysterically on the other side of that door & I can't get to him. I can't get the ladder and go through the window A) I don't think the ladder is even tall enough B)...umm I'm in my towel!! We quickly realize that the only way to get in the room is to break down the door. I hang up, telling him I'll call him back if that doesn't work.

So I put my hip check into action!! I felt like a Mama Bear, there wasn't anything that was going to get between me and my Baby!! Good thing it was an old door, as it didn't take too long. I was so relieved when I got through that I didn't realize until after I had calmed Benson down the damage I had done.
A Mama has to do what a Mama has to do...right!?

Needless to say, I had a talk with Paisley about going into other peoples rooms & touching things that aren't hers...for I think the millionth time (and I'm sure it won't be the last)! 

Good news is that we now have a NEW door on our bedroom. It too has a lock, but one that can easily be opened from the outside by someone who knows what they are doing (ie: not children) should a similar situation occur.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Yay for being organized :)

I've always been one for meal planning! Most of the time I just do a week at a time. I like to get all the groceries I need for the entire week in one shopping trip. It saves me time, money, and then I don't feel like I'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut off in the late afternoon trying to decide what we are going to have for dinner!!

During summer time things kind of become a little more slack. Bed time isn't always that consistent and dinner is not always planned.

In the past I've always just written out our meals for the week on paper. Over the weekend I bought a whiteboard calendar. Now I have five...yes that's right five weeks of meals planned.

On Sundays we have Pancakes with Strawberries and Whip Cream YUM...the best part is that Irish makes dinner for us!! 

For the next little while Tuesday is going to be our Crock-Pot night, as the kids have swimming lessons just before supper time, and this will make tuesdays a little less hectic!

So here it is:
Week 1
Sunday: Pancakes
Monday: Shepard's Pie
Tuesday: Sausage Minestrone
Wednesday: Chicken Enchiladas
Thursday: I don't have to make anything as it's our Stake Fall Fair
Friday: Spaghetti
Saturday: We are going to Waterton with my S-I-L and her I'm assuming we're going to eat out ;)

Week 2
Sunday: Pancakes
Monday: Homemade Pizza
Tuesday: Hamburger Soup
Wednesday: Lemon & Herb Salmon with Rice & Veggies
Thursday: Freezer Meal
Friday: Warm Lemon Pepper Salad
Saturday: Left Overs

Week 3
Sunday: Pancakes
Monday:Creamy Beef & Noodle Bake
Tuesday: Turkey Meatball Soup
Wednesday: Chinese Sundaes
Thursday: Tacos
Friday: Left Overs
Saturday: Irish has a big date planned for us this I'm assuming NO cooking for me!

Week 4
Sunday: Pancakes
Monday: Chicken Burgers
Tuesday: Chunky Pizza Soup
Wednesday: Beef & Bean Chimichangas
Thursday: Lemon & Herb Salmon with Rice & Veggies (we are not the biggest fan of fish, but we like the recipe I do for it's the same)
Friday: Loaded Baked Potato & Chicken Casserole
Saturday: Stuffed Pizza Rolls

Week 5
Sunday: Pancakes
Monday: Hamburger Stroganoff
Tuesday: 3 Bean & Lentil Soup
Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan Cutlets with Rice & Veggies
Thursday: Freezer Meal
Friday: Left Overs
Saturday: Cajun Chicken Pasta

 I always write down where I'm getting the recipe from so I know where to look on the day that I'm making it! If it's from somewhere on the internet and we like it, I add it to my Binder!!

Feel free to use this as your new 5 week meal menu!! Enjoy :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

He's all grown up

My Big M...has grown up so fast! He had his first day of Kindergarten this week!! I can NOT believe that I have a child old enough to go to school!! How did this happen!?

The night before I was prepping him a bit. Telling him how I was going to go to school with him, do some paperwork, meet his teacher and then it would be time for me to go. He kept telling me that he could go all by him self the whole time...or in his words "Mom, I can go by myself all the days"

I agreed with him, reassuring him that he was in fact a big boy and could be at school 'all by himself', but that I had to go and do some paperwork, and would leave afterwords if he was okay with it.

I love his expression in the picture above. I think it captures his excitement (he's only been asking me every day for the past 4 months if 'today' was the day he gets to go to school), but at the same time it captures his nervousness for the 'unknown'. Marshall did not attend any pre-school, so he really had no idea what he was actually going to be doing in school...he just wanted to GO!

We sort of had two 'first days' this week. Tuesday was an open house and so all the children and a parent/grandparent/babysitter etc were to go. The adult was allowed to leave after the first hour if the child was feeling comfortable.

At the beginning of our walk to school he was still pretty persistent that I could leave...but by the time the school was in sight there was a little less jump in his step, and he started saying things like "I don't know any of the kids". By the time we got to the classroom, he was pretty much glued to my side!

I kept encouraging him and telling him that he was a brave boy, and could make friends with the other kids in his class.

By the second hour he was feeling a little more confident in himself as he and another boy worked on a puzzle together.

  What's not to like about school!? You get snack time!

It will definitely take some getting use to, not having him around the house for 3 hours during the day. I think the hardest thing for me is going to be just knowing that he is in someone else care...whom I have only met three times now...for brief periods of time.

Up until now he has been with me, a family member, babysitter (who I know) or primary ALL times! I know I can't have him 'under my wing''s just hard to let your first one go...

It makes me happy that he is still excited about school and is making new friends. Today was our second 'first day'...after the open house day they had a staggered entry. Half the class went on Wednesday and the other half went today, Thursday...with no parent/adult there. So today was his first day, without me there.

As we were walking home from school today he said in such a proud voice "Mom, I made a new friend today! His name is Adam, but it's not big Adam (he has an Uncle Adam), just little Adam. (as he used his hands to show me how 'big' and 'small' Adam was...hehe.)

 I Love This Boy

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bragging Rights

I honestly wish I had a pair of glasses that recorded every second of my children's lives! Sometimes they just do the cutest things, but by the time you get the camera out...they aren't doing it anymore...or they will REdo it for you...but it's just not as cute as the first time round because they know they are being watched.

I love to take videos of my kids! I could watch videos of my kids alllll day! Especially ones where they are so tiny, and can't talk very well...and then I wonder, how on earth did they get to be so big already!

About a month ago we started teaching Marshall the Articles of Faith! He learned #1 and 2 really fast. Paisley wanted in on the action...because whatever big brother does, she must do also!

Here are a couple of videos we took of them :)

This one is of the kids reciting the First and Second Article of Faith

This one is of Paisley singing Nephi's Courage

And of course, because we took a video of Paisley singing a song, Marshall had to have one too! My favorite part is around 10 seconds ;) What a boy.

Like Pink Much??

This girl doesn't just like Pink...she LOVES Pink ...can you tell?!

She chose her own clothes this day!...Sometimes it's just not worth the have to choose your battles, right!?

I can't remember why she's so pouty in the picture...but for most of the day she was pretty happy in her pink getup!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's not my birthday

...well actually dear, yes it is!

Today is our little Paisley's THIRD birthday! How time flys!! I can not believe she is three already! She has been so excited for her birthday to come ever since her brother and two cousins celebrated their birthday's in May and June. I almost think Marshall was even MORE excited than Paisley was. Every day he was ask what day it was on the calendar, and then count to see how many more days it was until Miss P's birthday.

On Sunday he came into mine and Irish's room and the first thing out of his mouth was "Today is twenty two, tomorrow is twenty three and Tuesday is twenty four...PAISLEY'S BIRTHDAY"Each time Marshall would mention something about her birthday, she would get all excited, jump up and down and say "Yay, my birthday"

So naturally thinking, we all thought she would be excited when she woke up today and we announced that today was in fact her birthday!

The kids woke up and went downstairs where Irish was already eating his breakfast. He wished her a Happy Birthday and she replied "No, it's not my birthday, I can't see it!"

I didn't know about this, so when I came downstairs I scooped her up in my arms and wished her a happy birthday, to which she replied "It's not my birthday" All morning she got upset if we told her it was her birthday...wierd I know!

By the end of breakfast time, she was saying "It's not my birthday, we have to eat lunch first, then it's my birthday" and technically she was right, since she was born after lunch time!! (smart girl)

Anyways we had a fun day with our little Princess!

We had some fun with our friends at the spray park. 

I made Cake Pops for the first time, they were a hit with the kids ;)
 Marshall and Paisley got to watch a movie later that after noon

  We had homemade Oreo Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

She opened her gifts

She got a new hat from Dad (Red Sox of course)

 and a Melissa & Doug Puzzle

ANNNNND we went on our very first family bike ride!!!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart, We Love You!!! xox

Monday, July 16, 2012

Auntie Becca saves the day!!

Since we've returned home (from being on bed rest in Calgary/High River) Monday has become our day to get groceries. It use to be Saturday's, but the stores were always crammed & it "ate up" our family time. So as any other Monday we got up, ate breakfast and got ready to go shopping.

Shopping with three kids isn't the easiest of tasks, especially when the older two don't want to sit in the cart. Most days I can convince Miss P to sit in the cart along with Benson's car seat...but then there is Big M who always seems to be topped to the brim with energy and today especially was no exception.

As with each shopping trip with kids the main goal is: Go in, Get the goods and Get out!

Today we finished up in the store, loaded up the van with the groceries and the kids. I go to start it up and drive home...and Gggg....Gggg.....Ggggg! The van won't start. Now this isn't the first time this has happened to us, in fact the exact same thing happened when we were all loaded up to "move" back to Lethbridge after Benson was born at the end of May. We tried boosting it then, but that didn't work. So we had a brand new battery put in it, I was a little choked when it wouldn't start!

Just to add to my luck, I had plugged my cell phone in earlier that morning to charge it up...and I forgot to bring it with me when I went out for groceries.

So I UNload the kids, walk back into Superstore, and call the husband!! It doesn't help that it's pretty close to lunch and Benson is going to want to eat real soon!

Luckily Irish was able to get a hold of Becca (My cousins lovely wife) and she came to rescue us!! When she arrived at Superstore the spot in front of our van was vacant!  

After we hooked up the booster cables, I got in the front seat of our van, said a quick little prayer, turned the key and PRESTO it started right up!! YAY!

So Thank you Auntie Becca for coming and rescuing me and the hungry kids!!

As I read over this post, it doesn't really seem like a big deal...but at the time it sure felt like it. We only have one vehicle, so it's not like Irish could have come and rescued us. The kids were getting hungry, Benson was starting to fuss. All of my friends have there wasn't much chance that me, and my three kids, plus the groceries and car seats would have fit into one of their vehicles (that is even if I could have remembered any of their numbers...since I didn't have my cell with me).

As of this evening we now have an AMA membership!! That's right van, I dare you not to start again! Mwahahaha *evil laugh* 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our little man has arrived

He's HERE!! We couldn't be more thrilled! Of course this is a little bias, but we think he is the sweetest little thing ever :)

After weeks and weeks...and weeks (14 to be exact) of being on bed rest to prevent Benson from being born too early, and then finally making it 'full term' (37 weeks) and trying 'everything' to have this baby by going on walks, attempting to fully take care of my much as I could anyways, eating hot wings, having my membranes stripped (twice) was evident that Benson had his own schedule, and that he would grace us with his presence when he was ready!

Earlier in the pregnancy, I jokingly commented that after all this craziness that we were going through he would be my biggest and longest 'cooked' baby...i'm glad he didn't hold me to that. Benson was born one day before his due date and was in between Marshall and Paisley weight wise.

Paisley was born at 37.5 weeks and so I was somewhat expecting/hoping that Benson would arrive somewhere around that time...because once you go early, any day after that point seems like you're over due!

Now, where to start the labour story!? During Marshall and Paisley's pregnancies I never experienced a braxton hick or false labour. Once I felt cramping it progressed into labour and we had our baby! That was not so much the case this time round. Throughout the pregnancy if I sat upright for too long, or if I walked/stood for longer than 10 minutes, I would experience cramping (Braxton hicks). During this pregnancy I also 'endured' false labour three times!

After we had the ECV on May 8th (External Cephalic Version) to turn Benson into a head down position I would cramp up almost every night. On Mother's Day I woke up with mild back contractions (which is exactly how things started with Paisley) and thought that maybe I was going to have an incredible Mother's day gift. After an hour of being teased, I finally got up to go shower...and everything stopped...Boo!! There were a couple more instances where I experienced mild back contractions while laying down and then presto, stand up, nothin!

So on May 24th, when I had been experiencing mild contractions, both in the front and in my back I didn't really think much of it. As the day went on though I realized that I was still having these random cramps. So Around 3:30pm I texted Irish to let him know about the random contractions, and that I was going to start timing them, and let him know if anything progressed or if it was just another false alarm. By 5:00pm my contractions were 5 min or less apart, with only two exceptions!

I called him up and told him that I thought this was the 'real deal' and that he should head to Calgary. At this time it was only myself, My Mother in Law, Marshall and Paisley at home. So I kept timing a little bit longer, but as soon as my Father in Law arrived home we told him not to take off his shoes, as he would be taking me into Calgary to my Aunt and Unlce's house. I grabbed my hospital bag (that had been packed for nearly 3 months), the car seat, toiletries, kissed my kids good bye and was on my way to Calgary, where I would either wait for Irish to arrive or head to the hospital if my contractions became too intense...which ever came first.

We arrived to my Aunt and Uncle's house around 6ish. I started to 'pace' the floors, trying to keep things going while I waited for Irish. By 7ish my contractions were getting to be 3.5 min - 4.5 min apart and were becoming somewhat intense. If I was back in lethbridge I would not have gone to the hospital yet, but since the hospital was still another half hour drive I was getting a little nervous. Irish arrived to my Aunt and Uncle's around 7:20pm, only to come in, grab my things, load them into the van and be on our way.

As we were driving to the hospital I kept thinking, 'wow, this is really happening, we are actually on our way to have this baby! This day is finally here'. The past couple of weeks I had been creating every type of scenario of how it would happen!

We arrived to the Labour and Delivery triage desk at 8pm and had to wait about 10 minutes for them to get an assessment room ready for us. While we were giving all of my info at the triage desk we found out that my Dr was the Dr on call that night and her shift just started, so she would be the one delivering YAY!!! I was SO happy!

Once we were in the assessment room they checked me and I was 5-6 cm dilated. I thought Oh good, we're 'right on track', because once we arrived to the hospital with Paisley I was 5 cm with her, and she was born 2.5 hours later. Everyone had kept saying that if your second delivery went that fast, your third will be even faster.

Just before the moved me to my labour room another one of the Dr's on call that night came in and started talking to me about my previous history with retained placenta. She said that since I had retained placenta with both previous pregnancies, that she wouldn't be surprised if the placenta was retained this time as well (I was already assuming that it would be it didn't shock me when she said that she thought it would be as well).

She then said that it was up to me, but that she would recommend having an epidural. If the placenta was retained then they would manually go in and get it all out, and it would be MUCH more comfortable for me if I had an epidural. Then she started to tell me about some of the risks of having retained placenta/them going in and retrieving the placenta. She asked me how many kids I wanted, because there was a small chance of IF they had to manually retrieve the placenta the uterus could flip inside out, or I could bleed so much that in both cases they would have to give me a hysterectomy...and this baby would then be our last about freaking a girl out!!

I opted for no epidural, as I really didn't want one, and they did say that if it came to the point in which they had to help the placenta out, they could give me some sort of local freezing.

We we're finally moved to our labour room around 8:45pm. Right away they hooked me up to an IV & the monitor so they could keep tabs on baby's heart beat and my contractions. At first Irish and I started pacing the hallway, but after about 10 minutes of that I felt pretty retarded and it was a little awkward to be dragging the pole around. So we decided to head back to the room. My nurse was in the room at a table doing paper work and so that felt a little awkward as well. At this point I didn't know that the room had a shower, or that I could go in being hooked up to the monitor and everything...but my nurse didn't inform me of all the 'options' i had either. I was excited when I realized there was a shower and that I was allowed to go in it! I spent about an hour in there and then they wanted to check me. At 10:40pm I was 7 cm. My Dr said she could brake my water if I wanted her to and that we could probably have the baby in about an hour. But I opted against it as at least with both Marshall and Paisley, once they broke my water, my body wanted to push...and there was no way I wanted to push at 7 cm!

Back to the shower it was. It felt like this labour was taking so long to progress, I'm not sure if being on bed rest for so long is the reason for that...but that is my thought! My contractions were getting pretty intense. I was too dilated for any morphine or an epidural, so my only option was to try the laughing gas....which was absolutely pointless. I didn't feel like it did anything, except make me feel light headed. Needless to say I stopped using it.

I was feeling pretty weak as the last actual meal I ate was lunch. By the time I realized I was really in labour it was dinner time, but I didn't want to eat. I layed on the bed for a little bit, listening to some calming music. I then decided I would try the birthing ball. By this time I knew...well I guess I hopped it wouldn't be much longer. My contractions were really intense and I was starting to feel some pressure.

It was midnight, and I asked my nurse when my Dr would come and check me again. She said it wouldn't be until 12:40 (as they check every two hours). I knew I couldn't wait that long. I just felt that if they broke my water, everything would progress and we would have our little boy. So I asked my nurse if my Dr could come and break my water, she said "Oh yes, of course, it's what ever you want" which I replied "okay, yes, I want them the brake my water"

My Dr came in, broke my water at 12:16am and the pushing began. Instead of pushing I tried to "breathe the baby out" for a little bit like it talks in the book Hypnobirthing....but I really had no idea what I was doing...even though I did practice doing what the book said. Looking back I think I just felt like that would take too long, and since I have never done it before, I had no idea how to gage my progress. SO I 'gave' up and started with the pushes!! There were times that I thought it felt like I had pushed his head out...but no one said anything soooooo I kept pushing.

I sat (reclined) on the bed with my eyes closed, one hand holding onto the bed and the other squeezing the life out of Irish. I somewhat zoned everyone out and tried to focus on working with my contractions. It felt like it was taking forever and this was by far the most painful part! Then all of a sudden I heard my Dr calling my name and telling me to look down. It took her at least three times to "snap" me out of my concentration.

I looked down and there I saw head and shoulders of our little one! She then asked me if I wanted to help deliver my baby. I was confused! How can I help deliver the baby...I'm up here...and the baby is down there. I just stared back at her with a blank look on my face. She asked me two more times, and still I had no idea what she meant by it. So I finally just said Yes, and then I was told hold onto him and push. I did just that and before I knew it they were clamping the cord, Irish got to cut it and I was able to pull his warm little body up onto my chest. Our little man was born at 12:23am weighing 6lbs 14oz and 19" long

As I held him close, I couldn't help but replay the last four months in my mind (in extreme fast forward, because honestly, I hope I never have to experience bed rest again!!!). I was so thankful to finally be where I was. I was so incredibly thankful to a Heavenly Father who had watched over and protected me and this sweet little spirit. I was thankful to be entrusted to care for, teach and watch over yet another sweet little baby!

Maybe it was because I was feeling a little weak or maybe it was the hat they put on him...but I thought he smelled like popcorn!!

My Dr then sat at the end of the bed and told me that she wasn't going to rush the placenta. She was just going to sit there and let it do it's thing. I LOVED this. It made me feel like she was there for ME, and not just trying to "get the job done". I pushed for a little bit, and maybe after 10 minutes it came all by itself...AND ALL IN ONE PIECE!! I was a little shocked when she said that it was all there, bus OH SO HAPPY!

After inspecting the placenta she did find something interesting. Instead of the umbilical cord implanting itself into the middle of the placenta, mine had imbedded itself into the side of the sack and then into the placenta (I forget what the medical term for it is). She did say that the sack around the area where the cord had imbedded itself was pretty weak, and that if it had burst there, Baby would have "bled out"....and there was my 'answer' as to why I was on bed rest. As hard (and frustrating) as being on bed rest was, I would do it again just so we could have our little Benson in our family.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


The dictionary states that the word Longing means - strong, persistent desire or craving, especially for something that is unattainable or distant.

My particular longing is for something that feels so very distant. I am longing to hold this sweet little baby of ours. To snuggle him, kiss him, smell him, watch his every movement and facial expression in complete awe.

This pregnancy has definitely felt like the longest pregnancy...ever. The first half of the pregnancy seemed to fly by. What with being a mom of two busy children, working part time, trying to keep house, and trying to 'maintain' my good wife status...why wouldn't it!? Then the second half of the pregnancy came about, and we took a little unexpected 'detour' if you will. Going from completely busy full days of being in full on Mom/Wife mode, to bed rest came as a bit of a shock to my has definitely taken some getting use to! (and I can NOT wait to be able to go back to full on Mom/Wife mode!! "Resume" my life...cook meals for my family, clean my house, take my kids places...even if it's just for a walk to the park, see my friends, craft/sew/ a family under one roof for more than just the weekend!! etc...)

Time has most definitely seemed to pass by faster since I have been able to be in High River with my kids! At times I feel like we still have so long to go, while on the other hand we're down to the final count down (3 WEEKS!!)

I guess when you are told half way through your pregnancy that you are at risk of going into pre-term labor again, and there is a chance of loosing your baby (if we didn't pass the point of viability) wonder every day if this day will be the day that it happens, or if you will make it to the next....making every day feel like a week, and every week feel like a month!

I'm not sure who is getting to be more impatient, me or the kids. Marshall asks me almost every day if the baby is coming out of my tummy. In fact just last week Irish and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We went into Calgary for dinner, while my most amazing in-laws looked after the kids.

The following morning the kids come down into our room. Marshall comes to my side of the bed, walking very cautiously and asks "Mom, did the doctor take the baby out, or is it still in your tummy?" I told him that the baby was still in my which I have never seen a more disappointed face. I reminded him that we had to have his birthday first, and then the baby will come. He then asks "Is my birthday tomorrow?!" I had a little chuckle as his birthday was still 9 days away.

He then climbs into bed with us...yes all 4 (I guess you could say 5...with the size of my belly) of us, 'cozied' up in a double bed, comfortable wouldn't you say!?

A couple minutes later he hops out of the bed and peeks over the side of the crib that is in the room (I had some clothes hanging over the side, thus preventing his ability to see through the side). I only assume he was checking to see if a baby was by chance laying in there, as once he discovered that there wasn't one, his shoulders and head dropped and he slowly crawled back into the bed pouting!

Every morning when I come upstairs and the kids see me Paisley's first reaction is "BABY!" as she runs to me with out stretched arms and gives my belly a soft hug and a kiss, and then says "Hi Mom" and returns to what she was doing prior!

Every time the kids leave the house, or go to bed they always have to say goodbye/night to baby! It's so cute, I LOVE IT! I can't wait to see them with their new little brother!

Needless to say, this baby is being very patiently (somewhat) awaited by very excited siblings who are just waiting to love on him! (and I might add Parents too!)

Here's to counting down the days :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rag Quilt

Check out this cute quilt that my wonderful Aunt helped me make while i've been here in Calgary on bed rest.

I just love it, and can not wait to wrap our little guy in it. 

While I was making it, it reminded me of the first quilt I ever made. It was when I was pregnant with Marshall, and not knowing if he was a boy or a girl I decided to make two blankets. One BOY one and one GIRL one. 

They too were rag quilts. I have come a LONG way in my sewing capabilities since then and I owe it all to my Mother-in-law who is excellent with a sewing machine and took the time to teach me how to do things properly. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

28 week update

I had my second appointment with my Obstetrician here in Calgary this past Tuesday (March 6th). My blood pressure was normal, babies heartbeat was good...but when the doctor measured my tummy, it was measuring small for how far along I am. She decided it would be best if I had an ultrasound just to check up on baby and make sure he was growing. She said she wanted me to have an ultrasound within the next two weeks and come back for another appointment with her in three weeks.

When the receptionist was calling to book my appointment for the Ultrasound the clinic had an opening that afternoon, so I took it.

The Ultrasound technician and the Doctor (who looks at the results afterwords right in the clinic) both said that he was right on target for where he should be at this stage. The Doctor even had a graph with my last ultrasound results and this ultrasounds results on it, showing the growth in babies head, stomach and thigh bones. Seeing this gave me some peace of mind.

For now my Obstetrician wants me to stay in Calgary until i'm 32 weeks (April 1st). She would rather be on the safe side incase something does happen, as stated before in previous posts the Foothills Hospital is better equipped to handle premature babies. I guess in the last week four of her patients had their babies before 32 weeks.

It's getting to the point where I can't sit upright longer than an hour or else I start to cramp up. If I walk for longer than 20ish minutes I start to cramp up, as well as I can feel the baby getting lower and there's some tightness and pressure. Once all this starts I go lay down for a while and the cramping start to go away.

The way I look at it is, No it's not fun being away from my kids and husband and only seeing them on the weekends. I can't wait for the day that we are able to be a family all under one roof again! But at the same time, I am willing to make this small sacrifice for (possibly) the next three months so that this baby has the best possible chance of "cooking" as long as possible and being as strong and healthy as can be. I want to do all I can to give him the best possible start in this life.

I know that everything happens for a reason, and there is a lesson to be learned. Right now I'm not sure what the reason for this all is, nor have I figured out the lesson. I DO however have faith in our Lord, knowing that he knows what is best for me and my family, and I am willing to accept whatever he puts in our path.

Out of the Mouth of Babes...or almost 5yr olds

It's so neat to see both the kids growing, and trying to grasp new concepts, and occasionally get a glimpse into how their little minds work.

Marshall is a funny kid! Sometimes it's just plain hard to not laugh out loud at what he says. This past weekend we were driving back to my aunts house from church. I was somewhat prepping them by letting them know that later that day they would be going back to Grandma and Grandpas house. Each of them seemed to be okay with that.

I then told them that I had a Doctor's appointment on Tuesday and we would find out then if the Doctor felt it was okay for Mommy to go back home to Lethbridge, or if I had to stay here in Calgary.

Marshall pipes up and says "Mom, when the Doctor helps take the baby out of your tummy, can I hold him?"
Me: "Of course you can" I reply, and then Paisley jumps right in
Paisley: "Me too, me too" -Marshall proceeds to show her how you need to hold the baby (ohh so cute!) 
Marshall then continues to tell me "Mom, when the Doctor helps you take the baby out of your tummy it will slowly get smaller and smaller." -Thanks Marshall!! I had no idea ;)

He pauses for a minute and then asks another question.

Marshall :"Mom, can you do me a favour?"
Me: "...umm sure?!"
Marshall: "When you get married again-
Me: (I immediately cut in) "Get married again? I'm not getting married again, I married Daddy-
Marshall: (he then cuts me off...a little frustrated as if I'm the one that doesn't know what I'm talking about) "No, no when you get married again, can you have a girl baby? Cause Paisley really wants a baby sister"
Me: "oh...umm, well we will have to see. We will have to pray to Heavenly Father and see if we should have another baby. But no, I can't promise it will be a girl
Marshall: (in a somewhat disappointed, but almost a little understanding voice) "oookaaay"

Lightbulb Moment for myself- He thinks that when you get married, that's how you get a baby in your tummy...we'll just let him think that for a little while longer!

Just yesterday I was talking to Marshall on the phone (as we do now on a daily basis) and he was telling me how one of his cousins bite him. I proceed to ask him why his cousin bit him, what he did to make his cousin want to bite him...etc I then ask him if he forgave his cousin and his reply to me was "No, I didn't say that word"

How I love that little boy...who isn't so 'little' anymore! I still can't believe he will be starting Kindergarten this year!!

Truly Blessed, Eternally Greatful

First, let me just start off by saying "I have the most AMAZING family EVER!!!!!!!" Seriously, not even joking!

My in-laws have had my children for the past 31 of 42 days. I can guarantee its no picnic! Not saying that my children are a handful, but they are full of energy and I'm sure it's been quite the adjustment on both ends. They have been kept busy with the plethora of games that Grandma has, puzzles that Grandpa does with them, books there are to read, baking cookies, having movie nights, going to the park, being taken to the Parent Link Center in High River and participating in the programs they have there, playing with cousins, and I even heard that Marshall helped Grandpa clean all three bathrooms!!...Basically doing all the things that I wish I could be doing with them.

My Sisters-in-laws have helped out by watching the kids at Grandma and Grandpa's or by having the kids over at their house to play (so Grandma & Grandpa can continue with their planned outings...and have a much deserved break I'm sure!)

My Aunt & Uncle have "put me up" for the past five and a half weeks, and my entire family on the weekends. Not only have they provided a place for me to be so that I can be closer to the Foothills Hospital (just in case) they, once again, are providing for me emotionally & physically. They truly are a great support system for myself and my family at this time.

My sister has graciously given up the bed she was sleeping in and has since moved to the futon in the same room (it brings back memories of when we were younger and shared a room)

My other sister has driven me back and forth between all the Dr appointments and Ultrasounds that I have had.

and MULTIPLE people have been here to help me out with the kids if they get dropped off before Irish is able to be here. Because of my family helping out, the kids have been able to go to 'Tommy K Play Place' which is an indoor playground for kids here in Calgary with big slides, plasmacars and roadways, a little gymnastic area, and tonnes of tunnels for the kids to crawl around in. We've had a 'gym day' at the church and the kids had a blast running around with their cousins playing basketball, pushing babies in strollers, driving plasmacars, and just burning a whole bunch of energy. My sisters had a movie night with the kids, followed by taking them swimming at the leisure centre the next day.

It's been great to feel all of the Love and Support we have received from our immediate family and how much everyone is just willing to 'pitch in' and help out! With everyone helping out, it makes the situation that we are in not so bad.

So Thank You family for being there for us in our time of need! We really, truly are SO very grateful and appreciate all that you are doing for us!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

24 Weeks & Counting


Baby and I have made it to 24 weeks! It's a little more comforting to know that if I do go into pre-term labor that the baby is now viable!

I had my first Ultrasound after being discharged from the hospital yesterday (Mon Feb 6th) and today I met with the Obstetrician who I will be seeing while I am in Calgary. Her name is Dr. Mahalingham and she seems like a really nice lady! I will admit that when I was told that I was going to be seen by a lady Doctor I was a little nervous, as all my previous encounters with female Doctors haven't been the greatest.

After an hour and half wait in the waiting room (nothing like spending your whole afternoon in the waiting room) we finally go to see the Dr.

She said everything looked great from the ultrasound. Placenta was good, baby was good, in fact he even measured a week further along than what I actually am! (although the technician did say that the further along you are the more inaccurate the measurements are...didn't really make sense to me...but I'm not the technician am I)

Dr. Mahalingham said that she wants me in Calgary for at least another month, quite possibly until I am 32 weeks...I'm currently 24!

She said because of the complications I was having earlier, and because my cervix was already shorter(end) I was at risk of rupturing my membranes. She would rather be safe and have me in Calgary, as the Foothills Hospital is better equipped with everything they need to assist a pre-term baby, than have me go back to Lethbridge.

If anything like pre-term labour, bleeding, any sort of discharge starts again, I immediately have to go to the Foothills hospital and they will be giving the baby steroids to help it grow as much as it can before giving birth.

I'm not on complete bed rest, but I still cannot lift heavy items, or exercise, or anything else that would be to strenuous on my body. Basically I just need to take it easy, and slowly return (somewhat) to my normal daily routines, while listening to my body and resting if need be.

I'll do whatever it takes to keep this little boy inside as long as possible. I know that through the Lord all things are made possible. I will  continue having the faith that whatever does happen is his plan, and he knows what is best for me and my family.

I don't know what the outcome of my situation will be, but I do have a calming feeling that everything will be okay...what 'okay' is exactly, I don't know. For now all I can do is pray and have faith.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phoenix Trip...Re-Routed!

On Thursday January 26th I packed the kids and My self into the van and headed to Calgary. I was preparing to leave the following morning on a 7:00am flight to Phoenix to go visit family and participate in a race (don't worry, i wasn't actually planning on running, just a nice long walk in +20C degree weather) for my 4 year old niece who has been diagnosed with Leukemia. I had made arrangements with my sister, Kristi, to watch my children while I was away.

During the drive to Calgary I started experiencing some discomfort in my abdomen. Two nights prior (Tuesday) I received food poisoning of some sort and thought it was just some "after math" from that.

As the drive continued it became more painful and uncomfortable. I just kept my destination in mind and that's what I aimed for...I wasn't stopping for anything. For the last 45 min of my drive I was in excruciating pain! I had to talk my self through it, tell myself not to tense up & just try to relax. It got to the point that I had to remind myself to breath. By the time I was reaching the outer city limits of Calgary I kept thinking to myself that I would way rather be in labour, because this was the most incredible pain I have ever experienced! Even just moving my foot from the gas to the break hurt. By this time I was in constant prayer with my Heavenly Father pleading with him to just let me make it to my Aunts house (in very south Calgary). It was about 5:00pm by the time I reached city limits. I had to make a decision; 1-Continue onto McLeod Trail or 2- Exit onto 22X and go "the back way". I chose 22X as I thought it would be a little faster and I didn't want to get stuck in rush hour traffic. As I'm driving up the ramp to get onto 22X all I can see is BACKED UP TRAFFIC. I almost loose it. I plead with Heavenly Father again to be with me, take this pain away, I can't do this by myself! Meanwhile trying to appear as nothing is wrong for the kids and trying to answer question after question.

As I kept in constant prayer the pain seemed to lessen some, and traffic never came to a dead stop, it kept in constant crawling mode. I knew I had help from above.

When we finally arrived at my Aunts house I was so relieved! As soon as I pulled into the driveway and parked the van I immediately felt light headed and extremely nauseous. With everything I could muster together I asked Marshall if he could go into the house and see if Nannie (my Aunt) or Auntie Lacey (my Sister) were home. He stood in the middle of the van with a pale face and wide eyes. I guess I didn't hide the fact that something was wrong well enough.

Again I asked him the same thing. He just cautiously asked if I was okay. I told him I wasn't feeling well and that I felt like I was going to throw up.

I realized I was just going to have to get the kids out and head for the washroom, fast. Every second I stood there trying to un-buckle Paisley felt like an eternity. Finally I got her out and half carried her into the house, with Marshall right behind me.

I took my shoes off and headed to the bathroom while "ditching" my kids at the door. My aunt realized I was in pain and went to help the kids, but Paisley of course started crying and didn't want anyone but me. I could hear Marshall say something to the effect of "Mommy wants to throw up, her tummy hurts"

Within minutes they were both by my side in the washroom, my Aunt tried to convince them that coming and playing with toys would be much more enjoyable!...Neither one of them took the bait.

The Nausea soon faded, but the abdominal pain was still there. I sat on the thrown for a while, and then it was as if my intestines were just filled with air! After I released the air/gas I was SO relieved. ALL the pain and discomfort was gone. I still felt a bit achy, but hey, I could deal with that!

At this point I just thought it was something I had eaten, and vowed to only eat "plain & boring" foods for the next little while, as to not have a repeat!

I then continued to get myself all packed up (I was borrowing a suitcase, as all of ours were smokey from the fire)

The kids and I ate supper, visited for a little and then headed over to Kristi's house where I was dropping the kids off. We arrived just after 9pm and was trying to give Kristi and Curtis the run down for the kids as quick as possible, without missing anything. I still needed to get over to my cousin Angela's house, as we were flying out together and had to be at the airport at 5am.

Curtis was brushing the kids teeth while I finished up with Kristi...and then, I felt like I had perhaps peed my pants, I anxiously waited for them to be done, and went in immediately after.

I then saw what no pregnant woman, no matter how far into the pregnancy they may be, wants to see...fresh, deep red, blood.

I was in shock! At first I didn't know what to do, and then I started panicking. I called my sister into the bathroom, she was just as shocked as I was. I then called my Aunt for advice (because anytime I don't know what to do, she will!) 

She told me to first call Health Link, and if I got through to talk to them, but if I couldn't get through right away head to the nearest hospital! All we got through Health Link was elevator to the hospital it was.

Upon arriving at the hospital and explaining why I was there to the ER Triage Nurse I was told to go immediately up to Labour and Delivery, Unit 51 and they would let them know I was coming.

I was taken into an assessment room where they wanted all the details of the situation at hand, info on my two previous pregnancies, and my "life history".

It was decided that they would take some blood & test it, do an internal exam & do a "mini" ultrasound (I call it mini cause the whole machine was on a portable cart & they were only checking to see if they could find any obvious signs/reasons for me to be bleeding)

*The rest is a compilation of notes I took on my iPod while in the hospital so I could keep track for myself what was going on...when you're in the hospital for any length of time the days & nights all melt into one big looooooong day*

Friday January 27, 2012

2:00am - After hearing the babies heart beat, checking my blood pressure and checking my cervix it was decided that I would stay overnight. They said my cervix was shortened and there was a small tear in my uterus. They also did a quick ultrasound to see if they could see anything. They kept talking about "lakes" and said my placenta looked thick which sometimes means it didn't implant securely enough. At this point they just have to assume that my placenta is/has detached(ing) or torn. I was told I would be put first on the list for ultrasound in he morning.

3:00am - A nurse came in, woke us (kristi & I) up and said something about us going home and coming back in the morning for the ultrasound. We were confused and told her that I thought I was staying over night and having it in the morning (because the bleeding had not stopped). She went to go talk to he doctor and came back apologizing and told us to go back to sleep!

We were lucky enough to be able to fall asleep the first time. Keep in mind we are still in the Labour and Delivery just as your eyes are starting to droop, and sleep tries to overtake you, the scream of a woman mid-labour/contraction/push makes any hope of sleep disappear. Also take into account that my poor sister is trying to sleep in a chair made for sitting...not even "slouching friendly" & I am trying to sleep on an assessment bed much to short for my height...with a mattress...well I wouldn't consider it a mattress as i have bruises on my behind to prove there wasn't any 'comfort' to it at all.

8:00am - A nurse came in and told us that I was first on he list for the ultrasound

9:30 am- Still waiting for them to come get me for the ultrasound

10:15am - Went to the washroom, and talked to a nurse on the way back. Apparently someone said I was sleeping and so they pushed me back in the "ultrasound line"...but that I was NOW first in line. Someone should be in to check babies heartbeat and my blood pressure.

11:00am- Finally taken to have the ultrasound. The technician doing it was AWESOME! I could see the whole thing too! Even for ultrasound pictures, he was so stinking cute! The technician was talking to him as if he was already born, asking him politely to move his arms or hands out of the way, or to not turn away from us, calling him sweetie...etc. I could see and feel him move at he same time...I feel like I connected a bit better with my boy today.

The obstetrician that "read" the results right in the ultrasound room made everything sound good, baby is right on target, according to their measurements he was in the 65 percentile for every measurement (head circumference, stomach, length, weight, bone size...etc). They could not find where I was bleeding from. They said the placenta looked good, but if it was torn/detached a little bit they wouldn't be able to see it anyways. She wants me to have follow up ultrasounds every 4 weeks for the rest of the pregnancy, just to monitor the growth of baby and placenta and to see if they can find any tears/detachment.

They took me back up to my room (referred to as the "closet room" by the nurse that wheeled me back up) where I waited to be seen by the obstetrician (same one that saw me the night before). She came in, I think fully ready to let me go home, but then she asked to see my pad, and there was fresh blood...soooo I'm now in the hospital until I haven't had any fresh blood for 24 hours. She then continued to explain that if something did happen before I was 24 wks, that there was nothing they could do for baby as 'it' (he) is not considered viable before 24 weeks. I tried to hold it in...but I couldn't. Hearing that there was possibility of loosing my baby, or just knowing that if for some reason I did go into labour before Feb 05th that there was nothing they could do for him...hit me!

For the rest of the night my bleeding was inconsistent. It would appear to be slowing down, and then not.

Saturday January 28 2012

7:00am- The laboratory came in and took some blood (just one vile this time)

9:15am- The Doctor on call saw me, said I'd be here a couple days as I was still bleeding, and am only almost 23wks so they needed to monitor me.

10:20am- The same Obstetrician that saw me the previous night after my "mini" ultrasound came and saw me and said I could go home if I wanted to, because they aren't doing much for me here anyways. If I was over 24 weeks they would probably keep me in case something happened then they could do something immediately for baby. I need to continue to monitor the bleeding and if it gets worse than I need to come back.

I am on moderate bed-rest (I assume for the remainder of the pregnancy), with the exception of this week where I am basically on complete bed-rest to hopefully re-assure baby makes it to 24 weeks! She wants me to stay in Calgary for at least a month, and I have an Ultrasound set up for February 6th, with a Follow up appointment for February 7th.

I am happy to report that there has been no fresh bleeding since Saturday night (the 28th)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How it all went down

Wednesday January 11th will be a night we won't soon forget. It started out as any other day, we got up, went to work, came home and continued on with our afternoon just as we do every other day.

I had activity days that night, so I left the kids and Irish with supper and was on my way.

We were making P.J. pants that night and so we went a little over time. I was trying to make it home in time to say goodnight to the kids before they were in bed. I made it home just in time (7:30pm).

I rushed in and went straight to their rooms to give my little munchkins hugs and kisses goodnight.

I returned down stairs to get a drink, check my Facebook & email for a little breather before I unloaded the van with all my P.J. making supplies.

I then ventured out to unload the van. As I'm coming back to the house with the first load I notice a "light show" coming from our neighbors window (and by neighbor, I mean immediate in the other side of our duplex). As I'm walking closer to our door I am trying to determine the source of the light. It's far to bright for a candle, and too "dancy" for just the bedroom light...then it hits me, that the light I am seeing are flames from a fire!!

I "throw" my sewing stuff into our living room while yelling "Irish, I think we might have to call 911" that statement alarms him, so he comes running to the front door and we peak outside again, only this time the flames look larger and there is smoke everywhere. We then see the lady who lives in the other side of the duplex running to our side of the duplex! As soon as I see her I knew we had to call 911.

Irish then calls 911, and I go after the lady, as she had ran back to her house...and re-entered!! I'm standing outside the door (and not entering because I am 5 months pregnant, not sure where/how big the fire is...if it's contained only to the one room or spreading etc) and yelling for her to come back out, that it's not safe to be in there. She finally comes out saying that she couldn't find her teeth (of course, that's what I would go back in to grab if my house was on fire!)

It seems as though she only took a "breather" and went back in...BAAHHHH! COME BACK OUT!!! Irish comes down the sidewalk and around the corner, on the phone with 911 dispatch. I tell him that she's gone back in and won't come out. Without thinking he hands the phone to me, and runs in after her (My Hero husband!)

Meanwhile this whole time our very own children are still in their beds on our side of the duplex. I didn't think they were in any immediate danger as the fire was in the far SW corner of the house, and they were "sleeping" in the very far NW corner (basically the direct opposite corner) of the house and one floor up (our side has 3 levels, and hers only has 2).

After Irish "drags" the lady out (...she really wants her teeth) he "gives" her to me to hang onto and I hand him the phone. I try to take her away from the house, but she insists on getting her coat and boots, which are just inside the front door. How could I not let her, it's 'freezing' cold outside and all she had on where her P.J's and bare feet. I tell her to quickly grab them and we would put them on further away from the house.

It seems like we've been hearing the sirens for a while now, but no firetrucks in sight. While the lady is "taking her time" putting her coat and boots on (while sitting on the front steps) I hear glass cracking. I run over to the corner to see what is going on. The fire is now outside the window and climbing onto the roof! My heart drops down into my stomach and I almost burst into tears as I realize my two precious children are still inside. Almost immediately after that thought I see Irish come out of our house, carrying both of our children, one in each arm...I can now somewhat remain calm.

It was a good thing that he went and grabbed them, because I probably would have been a little hysterical if it had been me! I guess he calmly went up to their room, turned on the light and said in a happy voice "Hey, do you guys want to go and play at a friends house?" to which they were super excited about...and most likely a little confused!

So Irish has the kids, and I am trying to do everything I can to 'be there' for the lady, comfort her, continue to re-assure her that yes, her house is on fire, but she is alive and that is the most important thing!...OH and NOT let her go back in the house.

After what seems like forever, the firetrucks finally arrive. Now I don't who else has experience with a fire, but it is so not like the movies. The firemen get out of the trucks, gather, walk here, walk over there, slowly unload the pipes....there wasn't anything rushed about it. Of course the whole time I'm thinking hurry up!!! Put that fire out before it gets any worse!! while at the same time well, they are the fire experts, they should know what they are doing.

Even after the firemen arrived to the house, the lady (who I will refer to as 'B' from now on) was still trying to go back in. One of the firemen asked me if I could "get her across the street and keep her there" was now officially my job to keep B away from the house. Meanwhile I know that Irish and the kids are safe, but I have no idea where they are.

As we watch the Firemen put the fire out, I see them go in and out of our side frequently. I just keep praying that the fire did not spread that far.

We are blessed to have a neighborhood full of wonderful people. We had numerous offers of places to sleep that night! Irish told me this later on that night, but I guess as soon as he backed our van out of the driveway, and got out, our neighbor directly across the street from us comes running towards Irish yelling "Irish, where are the Children???" She demanded that he take them over to her house right away! Irish took the kids to their house where they played, had some snacks and eventually, later, went to bed.

I stayed outside just to keep tabs on what was going on, and get any instructions/final words from the firefighters. Luckily I got to keep warm inside a firetruck. Every so often the Fire Chief would come in and update me as to what they were doing. When he found out I was pregnant he told me in a very serious tone that I was not to go back into the house, and that if I needed anything for that night to get my husband to do it, as it was better to "sacrifice" him, than me.

When I finally went to our neighbors house (where we spent the night), I went up to say goodnight to the kids. As soon as I walked into the room both kids popped their heads off the pillows and in synchronization cheered "Mommy!!" and then Marshall, in the most mature voice for a four year old tells me "Mom, that was so nice of the firemans to put the fire out! Daddy just called them...and they came!"

That night was so hard for Paisley. I think the only one that slept like a rock was Marshall! That boy could sleep through a tornado! When Irish left our house with the kids he didn't think to grab her blanket (which is seriously a must's her life line) or her baby. Normally Paisley goes to sleep without a fuss, but that night I had to lay with her until she fell asleep. Every two minutes she would ask in the saddest voice you have ever heard "Mommy.....blanket?" to which I would reply "I'm sorry hunny, we don't have them. The fire made them stinky" she would cry a little, and somewhat fall asleep, only to "wake up" again and ask the same questions. This continued all night. With Paisley waking and moving, the firetrucks coming back every two hours to monitor things, and being in a strange place neither Irish or I slept very well...or at all for that matter.

SO long story short, there was no fire damage to our side of the duplex! Every thing in our entire house just smells like smoke and there are ashes in our front entry and living room!