Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sooooo frustrating! Taxes, why do they have to be so complicated?!? Why do we have to be so cheap that we try to to them ourselves and cause our own headache when we could be paying someone else who KNOWS what they are actually do them FOR us!?!? Seriously!

I just found out today that I actually did not submit my taxes for this year....I thought I did, like 3 WEEKS AGO! Irish already got his return back, and I have been patiently waiting for mine. I didn't understand why he would get his back so fast when we submitted them on the same day! So today I was checking my account on the CRA website...and noticed that for the 2009 tax return it said it had NOT been received!?!?! I was so confused!

I then go searching, because I was pretty sure I had paid for it, and printed out and filed something! (I should learn to read the fine print)

At the top of the paper that I printed it says "This receipt confirms payment for your QuickTax return preparation. This payment process does not netfile your return with the CRA. Please proceed with printing or netfiling your return" Man do I feel dumb!!

So I then login to send off my taxes, thinking it's only going to take 10 seconds because everything was already entered and ready to go.

WELL I get to the end and it tells me that I can't NETFILE it because 'the province I was self-employed in is different than my province of residence'....well that was the case for 2008....but not for 2009, I wasn't even self-employed in 2009. I then go back to look over my personal/work info. NO WHERE do I have selected that I was self-employed in's just pulling the info from when I filed my taxes last year. I can't find anywhere to delete that! So frustrating. I could just print it and mail it...but right on the front page of my T1 it says that my province of self-employment is SK....I don't know how the CRA office feels about white out...but I am tempted!!

I'm calling it quits tonight...hopefully I can figure something out tomorrow! I really DON'T want to have to snail mail it, because then I have to provide a copy of ALL my slips and things...maybe i'm just lazy, but that is more work than I am willing to do right now!