Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I didn't vanish!

My oh my! I have not posted in a WHILE! Let's just say we've been a little busy! Saying that I feel as though appointments have taken over our lives would be an understatement!! We have chiropractor for myself (which for six weeks was THREE times a week, then down to twice a week for I can't even remember how long, and now I am finally able to go once a week. Currently trying to make it two weeks between visits) Chiropractor for the kids (Starting in January, they went once a week for 10 weeks), massage for me (whenever I can fit it in & find someone to watch my kids for an hour and a half), dentist for me...multiple visits (I was having some jaw/clenching issues since the accident, and as a result a tooth on the bottom started to shift/'pop' out of place. I now wear an 'adorable' little splint at is very attractive!)

Then we were seeing a pediatrician for Benson as he has had a partial tongue tie since birth and I was worried that it was getting in the way of his intake of solid foods...back in December. After a feeding assessment done by a Speech Therapist, in March, it was decided that we did not need to take any action regarding his tongue tie as he was managing quite well for his age, with good movement of his tongue. They said that hopefully as he continues to use his tongue, the tie will stretch out even more. (Of course there was a space of 3 months from the time that I went to my family Dr with the initial concern of his tongue tie, to getting in with the Pediatrician, to be referred for the appointment with the Speech Therapist)

Oh, and let's not forget about Marshall's appointments with the Ears, Nose, Throat has been decided that he needs to get his Adenoids removed! We are still in the waiting process for this one, but it should be a 'fun' two weeks after the surgery trying to get that boy to sit still and not be active!

Soooo, mix all of that in with the daily 'monotony' of house work, school runs, errands, and just trying to be a good mom and wife...I haven't felt like I've had that much time, or energy to keep up on the blog or be creative in any way.

I DID however, the other day, find some time to squeeze in a Digital Lay Out! OH, it felt so good to actually finish a page! I love it, let me share it with you!

The pages that I have finished this year have been for my Year in Review Pages. At the end of the year I try to have one page per month highlighting a little of what we did each month. While it is still satisfactory to have those pages done, it is even more so to do a random page about my kids!!

I love this girl and all of her goofy faces!!