Thursday, April 29, 2010

5 years of Happiness :)

Yesterday Irish and I celebrated our 5th year of being Married! We have reached half a decade!! What a milestone :)

I remember when we were newly engaged and people told us to 'just remember the first year is the hardest' we braced ourselves and willingly took on the 'challenge' :)

After we came upon our 1st anniversary we both looked at each other and said "well if that was the hardest year, bring on the rest!!" Neither one of us thought that it was all that difficult!

Now 5 years later we have two wonderful children, Irish has one year left here at the UofL (hopefully) and we are just one happy family :)

This morning I looked back on previous anniversary pictures, just to see how we have changed, what situations we were in at the time, and where we were living. It was is how the last 5 years have been for us

April 28 2005- we got MARRIED :)

We lived in Lethbridge for our first 2 years, in 2 different places. 1st a cozy little apartment so close to the college I could walk there in less than 10 minutes. Our 2nd place was a cute house that Irish's parents bought, which we helped touch up the upstairs (the previous people washing and repainting the walls was necessary!) renovate the basement. We lived upstairs with my sister (Kristi) and rented out the basement to college students.

Our 1st Anniversary

We Went to Banff, rode the Gondola, went into almost every shop, had an amazing meal at 'The Keg' and just had a nice relaxing weekend away!!

Our 2nd Anniversary

For our 2nd anniversary we decided to go to 'The Keg' can never go wrong with a meal there! We didn't do too much else as I was almost full term with Marshall (He was born 10 days later!)

Two days after Marshall was born we moved to Calgary for the summer (May-August) and lived with My Aunt and Uncle, until we moved to Regina for School!

Our 3rd Anniversary

We actually don't have a picture of just Irish and I on our 3rd Anniversary as we moved back to Lethbridge two days before our Anniversary and were busy unpacking and getting settled in with Irish's Brother and family. As I recall I ended up making supper for everyone and some of their friends on our anniversary...oh well!

Our 4th Anniversary

We hired a babysitter, and went out for sushi...except I didn't get sushi as I had never had it before and didn't think it was the best thing to try while I was 6 months pregnant with Paisley!

Our 5th Anniversary

With the help of Marshall I made Irish 5 Black forest cupcakes, as that is his favorite I thought I would make him a mini version of the for each year we have been married

Irish surprised me with this beautiful bouquet of roses at the restaurant we went to, which also was a surprise! All I knew was that I was picking up the babysitter at 6:45!!

I love my man! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flirty Apron

A while back my Aunt was in Utah and saw these cutsie aprons! Being the smart and talented woman she is, she bought one and then took it home to figure out the pattern. In her ward she is the RS president, and they decided to make these for a 'non-enrichment'

Shortly after I was at her house and saw hers, I LOVED it so much I decided I was going to get the pattern and make one for myslef!

Yes, I made mine reversible :)

(This picture is courtesy of Marshall...notice is head in the picture too!!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

So this past Valentines day I made Irish a list of 100 things I loved about him. I knew at that point I wanted to do something more with it...i just didn't know exactly what I wanted to do. This past week I was scrapbooking with two different sister in laws, and I finished my mini album!

I decided to 'highlight' a few of my favourites....

#03 You hold me tight
#25 You have amazing eyes

#66 You let me squish your smooth shaved face
#80 You are a fantastic father

#100 You took me to the Temple so we could be together forever

There are two pockets which hold the entire list (1-100 in no particular order)