Friday, February 12, 2010

Too fast!!

It's crazy how fast your little babies grow up! Our Paisley girl is already 6 and a half months! She a rolling machine, she giggles at most anything and usually greets anyone with a big wide contagious smile! (...unless you have a big bushy beard...then she's a little hesitant!!)

This week she is now 'sporting' TWO new teeth!! Her first tooth cut through on Wednesday. I could see the second one and didn't think it would take that long for it to follow suit...but I didn't expect it to pop through the very next day!! So our little girl cut her first two teeth in two days! Now that's what I call "gettin' it done!"

I'm sure she is quite happy to have them through now, cause let me tell you the past week has not been to pleasant...for her or myself! It's so hard to see them in so much pain! She would usually have an okay morning, but come afternoon and evening...she would be hurtin' pretty bad.
These are some pictures I took of her in the morning on the day she cut her first tooth (i LOVE the lighting that window gives into our living room!!)

I feel my tooth!

I'm a poser

I can fly!

...Mom your making me sick with all these pictures!! (sorry I just could leave that one out!!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Couldn't ask for a better day!

Today was seriously such a good day!! I enjoyed every minute of it! Both Paisley and Marshall were SUPER good ALL day today! It was amazing! There was hardly any whining at all! Marshall was so happy about everything we did, and had such a great attitude!!

It possibly had something to do with the fact that we kept so know what they say about being idle! Here is what our day looked like:

-We got up and had some breakfast (Oatmeal, made by Dad - THANK YOU)
-Cleaned breakfast up, and got ready for the day
-Put Miss P down for a nap
-Had some quality time with Marshall (Worked on his ABC's, Colors, Shapes, and Opposites)
-Helped Marshall play some Fisher Price toddler games on the computer, while I did some paper work
-Ate lunch
-Went to Bootcamp (Had an AWESOME workout!!)
-Went to the bank
-Came home and had a snack
-Read some books with Marshall (while Miss P was down for yet another nap)
-Got supper going while playing basketball with Big M
-Picked Irish up from downtown, went and checked out some b-ball shoes for him
-Ate supper as a family (the best part of our day)
-Cleaned supper up while Irish gave M a bath and cut his finger and toe nails...and picked out his toe jam!! (It's so cute, but Marshall gets the biggest kick out of his Toe Jam!!)
- Read scriptures and said bed time prayers with Marshall and put him in bed
-The banana bread baking began
-Started to learn some Creole (SO EXCITING!) while I was being a "patient" for Irish (practicing taping ankles)

And to top off the day...I'm going to go to bed BEFORE midnight!! I hope for many more days like this one, it was spectacular!!

...Too bad I don't have a cute picture to go with it....