Friday, March 27, 2009


So a couple of weekends ago Marshall and I went to High River for the weekend. Irish's sister Niki and her husband Sean were visiting from Victoria. We all had a great time! The Monday after being in High River, (while at the Gym) Marshall asked for a kleenex, his nose was running so I handed him one and he wiped it. Then about 10 min later I look over, only to see him sitting on a stool watching a movie with the kleenex pressed up to his chin. I go over and ask him "Marshall are you okay?" and he looks at me and says "Owie" I look at him with a puzzled look and ask "You have an owie?" Thinking that he might have been hit by one of the kids, I check his chin out...and it was just fine. Throughout the day every time he used a kleenex he would always hold it to his chin. This continued onto Tuesday as well. I could not figure out where this was coming from. Tuesday afternoon Irish is asking me why Marshall keeps holding a kleenex to his chin. I tell him I have NO clue....and then it hits me!! While we were visiting in High River, Marshall walked in on Grandpa shaving...which resulted in Grandpa cutting himself...and needing a kleenex for his "owie"....Marshall wanted to be just like his Grandpa...we had a good chuckle over this!!