Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bragging Rights

I honestly wish I had a pair of glasses that recorded every second of my children's lives! Sometimes they just do the cutest things, but by the time you get the camera out...they aren't doing it anymore...or they will REdo it for you...but it's just not as cute as the first time round because they know they are being watched.

I love to take videos of my kids! I could watch videos of my kids alllll day! Especially ones where they are so tiny, and can't talk very well...and then I wonder, how on earth did they get to be so big already!

About a month ago we started teaching Marshall the Articles of Faith! He learned #1 and 2 really fast. Paisley wanted in on the action...because whatever big brother does, she must do also!

Here are a couple of videos we took of them :)

This one is of the kids reciting the First and Second Article of Faith

This one is of Paisley singing Nephi's Courage

And of course, because we took a video of Paisley singing a song, Marshall had to have one too! My favorite part is around 10 seconds ;) What a boy.


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