Monday, December 6, 2010

Snakes Poop

Last week Marshall and I finally made cookies together. I had been promising to make Banana Bread with him...but every time we went to make it...there were no bananas to be found (there must be some monkeys living here or something!)

Once the dough was all put together, I gave him his own pan, and scooped 10 little balls of dough for him to do what ever he wanted. At first he was rolling them all out into 'snakes'. He made a bunch of different shapes and designs with his snakes.

Meanwhile I am making the rest of the dough into what I hoped to be yummy looking cookies. Halfway through Marshall holds up three of his snakes....

and says "Look Mom, Poop!"
"What?!?" I asked
"POOP" he replies with a giggle in his voice
"I thought you were making snakes" I questioned
"YA snake poops!!"

What a silly boy! Now, Marshall loves.loves.LOVES to have videos taken of him, and loves watching videos of himself. We could honestly sit down at the computer allllll day and watch videos of him...and probably the same one over and over and over!!

He was getting right into playing with his dough. I decided to take a video. This is my boy playing with his snakes poop!


We had a fun time making cookies, and Marshall enjoyed making his very own cookies...aka "snakes poop" all by himself!!


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