Monday, December 6, 2010

Nachos - SAAM

Yay, look at me, finally remembered to get on my blog and post a meal ON Monday!

One thing you must understand is, I.LOVE.NACHOS! MmmMmmmmMM! Honestly Nachos were a staple in my house when I was growing up!

I will not order them when we are out, because quite frankly...I like mine better!

Unfortunately Irish doesn't exactly share this same obsession (yes it is an obsession) with me. He will eat them once in a blue moon...It's not that he doesn't like them...but he just prefers to eat chips and salsa. So in fact it's not quite a bad thing...because then I don't have to share! haha! Although it is nice to have some one appreciate the goodness with you!! Lucky for me, Marshall likes to have Nachos with Mommy!

Every now and then I will make Gourmet Nachos for supper. Irish's remark is always "Is this your way of making me eat Nacho's?" I reply "No, not exactly. But I'm the one making supper, so I get to choose what we have...if you would like something different, please feel free to make it for us!" (all in a very fun loving manor!)

What you need in order to have grrrrreat nachos!
-Evenly spread out chips. (Tostitos bite size round ones to be exact!)
-Evenly spread out cheese. Don't leave any chips out! They all like to be covered in cheese
-Melting the cheese to perfection! (first this can not be achieved in the microwave. If you want good nachos you MUST do it in the oven. Just until the cheese is all nice and bubbly, but before it starts to go hard)
-Pace Picante Medium Salsa (NO chunkies please!) (p.s. the no-name brand tastes just as wonderful as the Pace brand, cheaper too!!)
-Sour Cream
-Refried Beans

 When I make 'gourmet' nachos for supper, I add:
Ground Beef
Shredded Lettuce
...really you can put what ever you like on them! I mean come on, they are Nacho' versatile and yet so delicious every time!!

I'm Linking up to Michelle's Blog. Go and check out the other recipes!!


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