Thursday, June 13, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking

Last week my SIL came to visit with her two boys. Whenever we get together the days usually go a little something like this: a fun energy engaging activity for the kids in the a.m, lunch, naps for the littles with a movie or some sort of quiet time for the bigger kids (while trying to squeeze in some scrapbook time for the moms before all of the supper prep needs to be done), supper, clean up, a little bit of craziness play time and then a super good attempt at getting the kiddos IN bed ON TIME! Because after bedtime...comes SCRAPBOOK time for us!

My SIL introduced me to Digital Scrapbooking just after Benson was born, and I must say I LOVE IT! There is NO mess, all I have to pack with me when I go to her house is my laptop (instead of multiple storage containers of paper, tape, embellishments, pictures, etc). Annnnd you wouldn't believe how many FREE items there are out there!! It also pays off to be on the newsletter mailing list for your favorite designer...they usually have incredible discounts and free items included!

At first it took me a little while to get into the 'digital scrapbooking thinking mode'. But once I got all of my 'supplies' organized and familiarized my self what I had, it became easier.

This past week was probably my most successful scrapbook time. I think I completed something like six pages?! I was very happy with myself!

This is one of my favorite pages!

This is Marshall and his Best Bud Zach. Zach's family moved to Lethbridge (about 4 blocks away from us) two years ago. They conveniently had a boy Marshall's age, twin girls a little older than Paisley and we had our last babies at the same time...20 days apart (we're obviously on the same 'schedule'...haha).

Anyways, these two boys get a long so well, and love playing with each other. Marshall is constantly asking to go to Zach's or if Zach can come to our house! We have really enjoyed them living so close these last few years! Zach's Mom has become one of my best friends! Soon they will be moving to Cardston, and I feel as though a little piece of me will be empty!! I know Marshall doesn't fully understand what this means, and it probably won't 'sink in' until the day he asks to play with Zach and I tell him that it probably won't work because they don't live down the street anymore. BUT we WILL get together LOTS in the summer (Right Amelia!?!), and we will still have just won't be the same spur of the moment:
A: wanna park it after school?
K: sure do!
A: school or straight park?
K: school would prob be best.


A: can marshall come play, zach is bored
K: yes, yes he can, your house or mine

etc, etc, etc


kaly said...

Awesome Karley!
I am a little sad that Mom won't let us bring our computers for scrapbooking next week. We could get a LOT done. But I *guess* we have to socialize with our other family and play games and *stuff* ;)

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