Sunday, January 27, 2013

Out With a Bang!

It only seems fitting that since we started this year off with some pretty crazy things, some of them pretty major, others not quite as much (a few examples: How it all went downPhoenix Trip, Re-routed, and the absolute best one He's Here) that we would should "go out with a bang!" Not that we had anything planned!!

I'll just use the statement that I gave to the Police to describe the following:

At approximately 1:30pm on Friday December 28, 2012 I was traveling southbound in the right hand lane on James McKevitt Blvd approaching 162ave.  I was in the right hand lane with two vehicles already stopped at the red light ahead of me. I was slowing down and as I was about 15-20 feet away from the second vehicle the light turned green. I then signaled and changed into the left hand lane (as the left lane was open) so that I wouldn't have to slow down any further.
As I was entering the intersection a vehicle traveling west bound on 162 ave T-boned the driver side of my van, pushing my vehicle into the median and pole dividing the east & west bound traffic for 162ave (on the west side of James McKevitt Blvd)

I've never been involved in a 'serious' accident (I definitely did not get my Mother's genes on that one!!). I've been a passenger in two minor fender benders, in which no one was hurt.

As the accident keeps replaying in my head the worst part of it all was the sound right after the ginormous CRUNCH we heard, was the panic sound of screaming and crying coming from all three of my children, which I was told later by EMS that crying is a good means they are alive!

I felt so 'stuck'. I so desperately wanted to go back there and comfort them. I could not exit my door, my seat had moved so that it was touching the passenger seat...and there was a pole in the passenger sliding door! There was no way for me to get to the kids.

All I could do was talk to them and tell them that it was okay, and that help would be there soon.

After the impact, and vehicles had stopped sliding everywhere the driver of the other vehicle came right over to us. You could see the look of guilt on his face as he walked over. He opened the passenger side door and asked if I was alright, unbuckled my seat belt, then looked into the back of the van, saw the three kids...and I swear his jaw hit the floor!

I'm not sure who called 9-1-1, but it seems as though Police, Fire & EMS were there in a matter of minutes!!

After Sam, the paramedic got into the van she started assessing me. When I told her I was experiencing pain in my neck & showed her the area she immediately held my head and told me not to move. The fire guys removed all three kids from the rear of the van and took them to hang out in a firetruck. Meanwhile they determined that they were going to have to use the Jaws of Life to get me out of the van. CA-RAZY!

Prior to removing my door Sam explained that I would hear a loud pop, but that it was just the glass breaking. She also told me to tell her if I felt anything on my legs...I immediately moved my legs as far away from the door as I could...I didn't need them to be injured in the attempt of freeing me from my van!

Once the door was off, they put a neck brace on me, and onto the hard, straight board I went. They started strapping me down, when one of the EMS people said that they needed to take my coat off so they could get my blood pressure. One of them tried to get my arm out without moving me too much, and then said "I think we're going to have to cut it" In my head I'm crying NOOOOO! Then I heard Sam say, "No, don't cut it, it's a nice coat, let me try"...and she was successful, Thank You Sam!!

Once in the ambulance, Sam started asking me if I had family that could come and get the kids, where Dad (Irish) was, and if there was someone that could meet us at Foothills Hospital to be with Benson while I was having my X-rays.

It's all somewhat of a blur, but long story short my sister ended up following my ambulance to the hospital. My Aunt (who was in the process of packing to go to Utah for a week) came to the scene to go in the ambulance with Marshall & Paisley. Before she went with them she was allowed to come see me in the ambulance. She reassured me that the kids would be looked after, that I didn't need to worry about them, and that they wouldn't leave (for Utah) until they knew I was going to be okay. My cousin, who is more like my brother drove my Aunt to the scene & was able to take all of our belongings out of the van and back to the house. He also popped his head in to give me some reassuring words. Oh and yes, Irish was called. I made Kristi do that, as I barely made it through the phone call to her...I knew I wouldn't even be able to speak to Irish if I called him!

Once arriving at the hospital it wasn't too long before there was a space ready for me in the trauma center. I was SOOOO happy when they finally took me off of that hard board! I know it's used to help keep you in a stable position...but man oh man does it ever do a number on your tailbone & the back of your head! Talk about numb beyond numb!!

Both my chest and neck were X-rayed. Good news is that there are no broken bones! I was then given 'the road test' as they called it. They did a few motor skill tests, and then finally the last test was to sit up, and be able to walk. The sitting up and walking was actually harder than I thought it would be. I got really dizzy and nauseous, it took a few tries before I was able complete that part. Finally I was able to get dressed and the last thing they did was take the IV out of my hand.

By this point they had paged Kristi back to be with me. Benson had been asleep the whole time and woke up just as I was finishing the 'road test'. Kristi took him out of the car seat and almost immediately he had some nurses 'oogaling' him.

As the nurse was taking the IV out she told me to keep pressure on the area for no less than 3 minutes, or else it would bleed out. I received a little bit more instruction from the Dr, and then we were allowed to leave.

So here I am walking down the hallway, holding my "owie", meanwhile my sister, Kristi, has the car seat in one arm, Benson in the other....and is 30 weeks preggo!! I felt like such a jerk...and probably looked like one too, not helping her out! But I honestly couldn't carry anything at that point.

We took a seat in the lobby to get Benson back in his car seat. I then figured it would be a good idea to call Irish and let him know I was okay & being discharged. Turns out he was just about to the parking lot of the hospital, so we waited inside for him. He came in, we (or maybe mostly me) had a tearful reunion, and I'll tell you, it never felt so good to 'hug' him, as it did right then. I was SO glad I was in as good of condition as I was! He got a phone call from my cousin who had reserved a rental van for us, but Irish needed to be there to sign the papers & it was almost closing he was off!

That night was the worst. My whole head ached, my jaw hurt, all of my teeth hurt, my ears were ringing, I felt like there was an elastic band around my head...and I could barely move my neck...or upper body. I have never had so many hot baths as I did over the next 24 hours.

I am so grateful to everyone who helped us out that day with everything from taking care of my kids, gathering what they could out of the van, finding us a rental, praying for us, supporting us emotionally, as well as physically, sending thoughtful text messages, giving me acupuncture and getting me Advil...etc!!

Once again, I have the most amazing family EVER! I Love all of you!!

Now for what you all read this incredibly long post for....PICTURES!!

 They put the front door in the back door

 The tire must have 'popped' off when we hit the curb. You can see the indent in the passenger sliding door from where we hit a pole

 My seat was pushed over, almost touching the passenger seat!


 This is looking in the driver side sliding door, Paisley's seat. So grateful that her hand was not down beside her car seat at the time of impact!!

 Another angle...

...and another

Good Bye Pontiac, you were (mostly) good to us. Thank you for being sturdy, and keeping us all safe!


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