Monday, February 21, 2011

My B-day

I have had a WONDERFUL birthday!! It all started last night with our Pre-Birthday celebrations! First Irish and I had Nacho's (which is becoming our Sunday evening tradition! AWESOME) and then we had Root Beer floats, all while curled up on the couch watching Home Extreme Makeover (that show makes me cry EVERY week!)
This morning my kids were so nice to me and slept in until 7:45!! It was so nice to have a little sleep in on my day!
Then the kids and I went to work for the morning, which actually wasn't too bad (maybe knowing that I only had to work for four hours, but was getting paid for 10 hours had something to do with it!)

 Once we were home Paisley fed me "my" lunch 

 Irish let me Sew ALLLLL afternoon, and Paisley helped me finish her quilt!
Irish made me an AMAZING homemade Lasagna, Caesar Salad & Garlic toast dinner!

 I even got NEW earrings!

My Lovely Children :)

 Thank you for the wonderful birthday Irish!


           My Birthday Flowers that Marshall helped pick out!          


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