Friday, February 18, 2011

Bitter Sweet

In all the time that I have worked for my employer, Golds Gym (...and I just past my 5 year mark....minus two maternity leaves, so an actual 3 years of working for them) The Child Care has never, ever EVER been open on a holiday Monday. That was one of the pro's for working in the not having to deal with grumpy members at the front desk, and answering phones with irate customers yelling at you because they got an INSF charge on their account because they didn't have enough money in their account! -I'm sorry but I completely fail to see how this is my fault.

A couple of months ago when I figured out that Family Day was my birthday, I was excited because I was going to be getting paid for not working on my sweet is that!!

For some strange reason this family day the childcare needs to be open as there are some classes going on (which has never happened as well). Both of my evening girls have taken reading week off, and the girl that helps works with me in the morning is going to Calgary for the weekend and won't be back until Tuesday.....THIS means I am the only one left. Not only will I be working on my birthday, which is a statutory holiday (in Alberta)...I am also stuck to work three split shifts (9am-1pm & 4:30pm-7:30pm) that week (Tues, Wed & Thurs)...the week that Irish does not have school! Meaning some serious family time will be missed!!
Okay My rant is over...On to the SWEET

Because I am working on a holiday...which is my normal scheduled day to work, I am entitled to be paid for my regular hours plus time and a half!! So I will be getting paid for 10 hours!!! AND because I am doing three split shifts, my total hours for this next week will be 31...when I usually only get 19. That is 12 extra hours going towards my goal of 600!!


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