Monday, February 21, 2011

Miss P's Quilt!

YAY! I finally was able to finish Paisley's quilt! I had the top part all done and ready to go before Christmas, but I was waiting on some fabric for the back. I got the fabric and just kept looking at it. I just couldn't bring my self to cutting it up, it was so darn cute! I then decided to just go buy a flat sheet from Wal-Mart and use that as the back. I found the perfect green sheet, best was only $9!!

A couple of weekends ago my wonderful Mother In Law helped me pin the top, batting and bottom piece together. ALLLLLLL last week all I wanted to do was SEW this quilt together....but I could never find the time!
SO finally this weekend I was able to machine quilt the entire thing. Now please don't look toooo closely as it is anything but perfect....BUT it was my first time machine quilting (besides 'stitching in the ditch")...I wanted to try something a little more 'adventurous' this time around.

Paisley even helped with the binding!
SO here it is!!
 Not the clearest picture, lighting wasn't that great, but here is Miss P cuddling with her new quilt!

 Checking everything out!

I must say, I am VERY pleased with the End result....the hardest part was putting it in her crib...I just wanted to curl up with it! Next quilt I am making for me! :)


Mitz said...

I am SO impressed!! I am not a quilter and wouldn't have the first clue where to start. Great job, it's adorable!!

AshleyElizabeth said...

Whoa! What an undertaking- You are awesome! and so is that quilt! And P's hair is awesome too!! We miss you!! HOpe your Bday was awesome!!

Smathers House of Girls said...

I love the colors!

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