Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We recently acquired a large World map in our kitchen, and it hangs just above our table. Each meal time we talk about where we live, and teach the kids (mostly Marshall at this point...but Paisley will soon learn too) about the different countries on the map.

Right now it's pretty basic, "this Country is called _________" or "Can you show me where _______ is" or "Where is Uncle Mark on his Mission?" or "Where did Gloria, Marty, Alex and Melman all go?"

So far Marshall can tell you where New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, and Madagascar are. (Marshall sits on 'that' side of the table so I guess he will learn the Eastern side of the map first)

In the morning we always 'refresh' what we learned the day before, so today during breakfast I was pointing to each of the different countries that Marshall knows and asking him what they are called. I started out with New Zealand, then Australia and he got those right away! Then I pointed to Fiji and asked him what it was called, he thought about it for a second (as we just introduced Fiji the night before at supper) and then replied "Luigi?!"

I got this idea from a friend of mine (Heather Jubber) who also does this with her children and did it while she was growing up. I immediately liked this idea....because I have NEVER been good at geography (Just ask anyone!!), and I want to give my kids a better 'start' on their geography lessons!

When we first put it up, I noticed that were some islands called "Marshall Islands" so I excitedly said "Marshall, guess what these are called"
"Ummm What?"
"The MARSHALL Islands!! Did you know you have your OWN islands"
He then goes "Ya I go there, (pointing with his fingers) and then I run over here (towards we were showing him this is were Uncle Mike went on his Mission) and tell Uncle Mike I have to go pee!"

We all had a laugh!


Myrna said...

Great idea! I had a fried who served his mission in the Marshall Islands! (No running to Ireland for him, though...)

Nancy said...

That's so fun! And little Marshall is quite the character!

Smathers House of Girls said...

That's such a good idea. I'm STILL terrible with geography

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