Monday, July 5, 2010


I don't know what was different about today than any other day, but boy oh boy was Marshall OFF the wall!! He was absolutely nuts! I don't know where he got his energy from, but I wouldn't mind a bit if he shared with me, even just a little!!

We just moved into the other side of the duplex and I still have some organizing to do, so needless to say there are still boxes everywhere. This morning I was trying to get the dishes done and figure out how I wanted my kitchen set up/re-arranging cupboards.

Paisley was down for a nap so I was trying to make the most of the time by getting stuff done. Marshall was seriously here, there and everywhere. Running around inside and out. He asked for a snack so I cut up an apple for him and told him to eat it on the steps outside!

I don't think this kid knows how to talk quietly-at all! (which is something I am currently working on with him...INSIDE voice...PLEASE!)

So I'm doing to the dishes when I hear-

"Maaaan....MAAAAAN....maaaan" I knew right away he must have seen the Mailman!! I quickly run outside and tell him to stop yelling at the mailman, that he couldn't talk to him right now because he was doing his job, which was to give everyone their mail. I tell him to calm down and NOT to yell at people.

A little while later I hear more yelling. My brother-in-law Jay comes in (he's here re-doing the bathroom) and asks
J-"Did you hear Marshall?"
K-"I heard him, but I don't know what he said"

He then goes on to reenact what Marshall said/did.

Marshall is standing outside by the front stairs holding a stick in one hand with it raised up in the air above his head. He then starts to yell while looking around to see if anyone can hear him "I FOUND A STIIIIIIIIICK" (repeating it over and over)

All morning I kept saying "oh my goodness, I don't know what is up with Marshall today, he is crazy" Finally at lunch time Jay says "I think he's just being a boy"

My conclusion - Boys are crazy!! But crazy or not I still love mine!!


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