Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't call me names

You know I try to be a good person, Christlike and giving of my time/possessions. But when it just gets thrown back in my face with no thanks at all, it drives me crazy!

This morning I've been trying to tackle this still-not-unpacked-and-organized-house of ours! I left the front door open because it was letting in a wonderful breeze.

I was washing out my garbage pails in the kitchen sink when I hear a loud "HELLO!?" from the font door. I walk towards it to see this young lady, who has large black bags under her eyes and seems like she is hung over/recovering from some sort of narcotic, missing multiple teeth and most likely homeless or something close to it.

She asks me if I have 5 bucks to give her. She's starving and needs food. Marshall then comes to the door (he always needs to investigate who comes to the door). She sees him and then says she needs the 5 bucks for her kids, their hungry. I ask her how many she has, she replies 3.

I say "You need food? I'll give you food. I have lots of apples, crackers, I'll make them sandwiches"

I go into the kitchen to grab some apples. I put them in a bag, and while I'm in there she yells

"I don't need food hunny, I need money"

I replie "I'm not giving you money hunny (just because she called me that, and I detest that 'pet name') But I would be more than happy to give you food"

I hand her the bag of apples, she rolls her eyes and starts to mouth me off using words I don't want to hear and really don't want Marshall to hear. I promptly shut the door and lock it! I then hear a loud thud, I peak out the curtains and this girl has chucked the bag of apples at my stairs!!

So to the girl who came by my house this morning:
I'm not stupid, I know what you want the money for! Sorry but I won't support that. If in fact you are hungry, come back and I will gladly share my food with you, and maybe bring your kids this time so that they can have some too, I don't like to hear that children are going hungry! Oh and don't get any ideas of vandalizing my property because I will remember what you look like! And please, don't call me names, especially in front of my child! back to making some order in this house!


Smathers House of Girls said...

How rude! You're better than me. I probably would have chucked an apple at her head.

Kylie Groft said...

I'm glad that you didn't give her the money! It's her loss, those apples would have done her a world of good!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your example of compassion. I was at the gas station this weekend and a "distressed" young man asked for $ for gas to get back home in Magrath. I stopped and had split second thought of you and your story and thought I wouldn't judge and I offered to pay for 5$ of gas if he would pump it. Felt good to help a stranger (felt like the prodigal son)... It is written that we will be judged by the way we judge and treat others... I hope this one counts a lot for both of us! :p

Thanks again for your great spirit and example.


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