Friday, July 23, 2010

crazy, terrible, no good day

It's been one of those days...who am I kidding it's been one of those weeks!! I honestly don't know what has happened with Marshall. It seems as though something has just snapped inside. He is absolutely crazy! Running everywhere, non stop jibberish (aka noise) coming from his mouth. The thing that is driving me crazy the most is the fact that he is not listening at ALL. I seriously have to repeat everything 10 times.

Today I was way past the end of my rope with him. It doesn't help that this week is that.time.of.the.month for me so I'm already a little more 'moody' & (by choice) I'm at my SIL's house so therefore no parental trade offs to allow me a cool down!!

Not a thing I said today made any sense to Marshall. He did not listen at all. I was so worked up, and frustrated with him! I have no clue what to do. How do I discipline with love, while still letting him know that I mean business!

Bed time was a gong show! We are all in the same room, so the hecticness is a little crazy. I put P in her playpen, got M in his bed, told him to stay in his bed and not to bother P. Five minutes after walking out I see the light go on, then the talking started, then laughing...and then crying. I then go in, re-settle the kids into their beds. This happens about five different times and each time trying to get through to M that he can not bother Paisley and he needs to stay in his bed!! Finally after getting P settled in the playpen, I remove M from the room and make him sleep on the bathroom floor (just until P fell asleep). When it's time to put M back in the room I slowly and sternly tell him that he must not make any noise!

After I get M back into his bed, I'm leaning over him with my forehead to his. I tell him that if he wakes Paisley up or bothers her at all it will make Mommy so very sad.

What he does next, melted my heart. He puts his arms around my neck and in the sweetest voice he has he says "Don't cry Mom"

I gave him a kiss and told him I loved him very much, and I needed him to go to sleep.

Afterwords I was thinking to myself. What happened that made today the way it was? Why was I so incredibly lost with him? Where did my patients go?!

Then out of no where the scene from Legally Blonde comes to mind when Elle is trying to convince her team that Brooke is innocent

"Exercising releases endorphans, endorphans make you happy, happy people don't just kill their husbands"

It was then I realized that I didn't get to do my work out today....If this is how my day turns out when I don't exercise....I will never miss another workout again!!


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