Thursday, June 10, 2010

This was too cute not to post!

It's quarter after 10, waaaaaay past the time Marshall should be actually sleeping in his bed. I am downstairs watching TV and I hear foot steps upstairs. I go up to check things out and see Marshall standing by the fridge. This is our following conversation:

Me: "Marshall, what are you doing?"
Marshall: "umm just looking out the window (while he points to it), umm looking at mack & lightning & this"
Me: "Marshall do you need to pee?"
Marshall: "No, I did already"
Me: "what?! where?" (slightly panicking as he went to bed in his underwear)
Marshall: "Come here Mom, I show you"

He then walks towards his bedroom, but turns into the bathroom and walks towards the toilet.

Marshall: "See mom, i pee here (pointing IN the toilet bowl), not there (pointing at the seat), there (IN the toilet bowl).
Me: Relieved "Okay, Marshall thank you SO much for peeing on the toilet! Now it's time to go back bed, okay?!"
Marshall: " Okay Mom, goodnight...(and then yells from his room) You go downstairs and watch basketball, okay!?"

So funny! I wonder if he knows there is more on TV than basketball!

I love my little boy! I love his developing personality, his increased speech/comprehension, and imagination!


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