Monday, June 7, 2010

i know

The last little while Marshall has acquired a few favorite sayings
1) why not (to absolutely everything!!)
2) dat (that) funny mom/dad
3) I love it (to everything!)
4) I know

He picked up the first three by himself, but the fourth one he picked up from me. I didn't realized how often I said this phrase until Marshall started saying it. When I say it, it's usually because Paisley is getting tired or hungry and she is crying. Or I am helping Marshall in some way and I can't get to her right away and so I say "I know, I know Paisley girl" or "I know hunny/sweetie pie"..etc just to let her know i hear her...but am occupied at the moment.

Marshall has now picked up the same saying, and uses it in almost the same way. If we are driving in the van and she starts crying he will say in the sweetest little sincere voice you have ever heard "I know...i know paysee. It's okay we going home/grandpas house/store" followed by "it's otay sweetie pie".
Seriously just to hear him be so concerned with his little sister brings a smile to my face! Since Paisley is beginning to be a little more mobile and play on her own a lot better, the two of them have started to play so nicely together. I could just sit and watch them play together all day. I hope they will be able to hold on to this friendship that they have as the years go by.


Michelle said...

That is so adorable! Don't you just love to see them love each other? Rigby was crying tonight and Porter kept telling him "it's ok Rigby, mommy's coming, it's ok." I just love it!

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