Friday, July 31, 2009

...and the story continues!!

So just when I think that nothing else could go wrong in the post-delivery recovery process, due to having a D&C right after having our little Paisley girl, I was wrong.

Very early Wednesday morning (July 29th around 1:30am) i'm up and feeding my lil peanut. Once she was done I did a diaper change, wrapped her back up and put her in her play pen. I then go to the washroom...

*Here is where you stop reading if you don't wanna hear about placenta tissue and blood*

and I discharge a huge glob. For a couple seconds I don't know what to do...I really don't want to get it out of the toilet...but figure I better!! Good thing we had some very long DQ blizzard spoons in our utensil drawer!!

I 'fish' it out and this thing it big! I'm talking 3" long and 1.5" wide. I get Irish up to get his opinion on what to do. I then make the call to Health Link (such a great thing!!) and after many questions and some 'experiments' the nurse tells me it's placenta tissue and that I need to see my Dr. within 24 hours.

That morning i am able to get in right away with my Dr who schedules an ultrasound for me that day....and this is where the waiting game begins!

I was told that my Dr should have the results in 3 I anxiously await a phone call...which doesn't come that day. The next morning I call in to see if they have my results...I just want to know either way!! The receptionist tells me that the results are on his desk and he has signed them (so at least we know that he's looked at them!). She tells me he is just in with a patient and will talk to him asap and then call me back.

An hour or so later she calls me and lets me know that he's not concerned with the results.

SO I now think i'm in the clear!!...wrong again....maybe?!

Today (Friday July 31st) is Paisley's first doctors appointment. We go to see our Dr (who by the way is Dr. Meyer, and he is the best doctor EVER!!) He checks her out, weighs her (she's now up to 5lbs 15oz!) and then asks me how i'm doing. He tells me that if I have an increase in flow or experiance any gushes of blood to call him right away, because the ultrasound showed that there might still be a little bit of tissue left, but not enough to be concerned.

OH and did I mention that Irish is not in lethbridge?...No he's doing a limo drive in calgary today AND tomorrow (saturday) he's spending the night in Calgary.

So I go and pick Marshall up from our friends place (The coolest friends EVER), go to my old work and show Paisley off, then go back home and have some lunch. A little while after we get home Paisley wants to eat, so I sit down and start to feed her...then I start to feel some gushing...from you know where. All I can think is "oh no...this can't be good" I go to the bathroom and sure enough i've just gushed some blood.

I call my Dr's office right away and he calls a gynaecologist, who tells him that instead of sending me in for another D&C right away, to try something first. SO my Dr faxes a perscription to a drug store and tells me to go pick it up and then go straight to his office.

At this time i'm watching our friends boy while they went to go and get a SIN card. I'm also somewhat emotional...okay i'm crying, and just wishing Irish was home with me! I call up my friends and explain what happened. They get to me as soon as they could. I am so greatful for wonderful friends like them and for the power of the priesthood! I asked Kipp for a blessing and he gave me one! Afterwords I felt more at peace, and knew everything was happening for a reason, and that it would all be okay! That Heavenly Father would be watching over me. I leave as soon as I can, pick up the perscription and then head over to my Dr's office.

So what happens now are these tablets that I just picked up...are going to be put in my cervix. Ya! They are suppose to make my cervix contract and if there is anything left in me, hopefully make it un-attach itself! He warns me that it will feel like i'm having mini contractions and that it is okay for me to take pain relievers. He also tells me that if after 3 hours I have any increase to my flow, or any more gushes to call him (he gave me his home and cell number) and then head to Emergency for a D&C and he would let them know I was on my way.

I go home....and wait for the contractions to start....almost 3 hours later and nothing has happened. I call to see if that is good or bad. He (my Dr) says that he isn't too sure, but he is more concerned about my blood flow, and tells me again to call him immediatley if I have any more gushing.

About half an hour after I called the office, I get up to go to the bathroom....and the contractions start!! Luckily I have great friends and they stayed with me allllll afternoon and evening, incase something happened!!

I am currently having them off and on...but no more gushes as of yet!!

I hope I can write 'The End' to this story shortly! But Paisley is eating well and gaining weight, so that is more than I can ask for!!


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My goodness. What an ordeal! That must be scary all by yourself!

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soo scary! If you ever need any help don't ever hesitate to call!

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