Monday, August 3, 2009

The icing on the cake!

So you are probably thinking "as if anything else could happen this week!"...That is what I thought!!

Saturday night (August 1st) I had my friend over to work on some sewing stuff. It works great cause she has a boy the same age as Marshall, and they are pretty much best friends...whether it is by choice or just due to the fact that we hang out all the time, we don't know...but they play so well together!!

By the time Irish calls me to come and pick him up from work, they are still at our house. So without thinking I grab my keys and go (this is around 11:30pm).

I get to the limo shop and wait for him to finish cleaning up. I was going get into the passenger seat, but I thought I would give Irish a break from driving, since that is pretty much what he had been doing for the past two days.

We are on our way home and stopped at a red light. I notice there is a police car behind me, but think nothing of it. Once the light turns green, I go, and see red and blue flashing lights in my mirror. I get over to the right lane...and he changes lanes behind me!!

I ask Irish, "The light was green, was it not?!?...What did I do?"

I pull over and stop. The officer comes up to the window and tells me that the reason he is pulling me over is because the registration on the car has expired. Both Irish and I reply "What? I thought we had till August 4th" He says "No, it expired July 31st" (which was the day before).

He then asks for my license and registration. I immediately feel incredibly I totally forgot to grab my license before I left the house. So I give the officer our registration and insurance papers...and sheepishly tell him I don't have my license.

He goes back to his car, and a couple min later he comes back to my window and tells me that I have two offenses. 1-driving without my license and 2- driving with expired registration. He says he's not going to charge me for the expired registration or tow the car, but he is going to give me a ticket for driving without my license.

You wanna know how much that ticket is?!? A whopping $170. It took everything within me not to cry in front of the officer.

Maybe I should have started bawling, and explained to him I just had a baby and told him all about the week that I just had!!

Now that I think of it, I was planning on taking care of renewing our registration and insurance this past week so that it was all renewed before August....But then Paisley decided to come and I TOTALLY forgot!!! YIKES!!


Smathers House of Girls said...

I would have cried! It's amazing how well that works!

Myrna said...

Karley, fight this ticket! I am sure that a judge would be kind to you, given your huge set of extenuating circumstances. You have it all written down, thanks to your blog.

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