Sunday, October 14, 2012

I am Mama hear me roar...

...Or watch me break down a door!!

This incident in which I'm about to share with you happened about two months ago...and yes, I am just NOW sitting down to add it to our blog...I've been a little busy, it's quite the adjustment handling three children, and half day kindergarten.

On August 15th I was getting ready to go down to Utah with some of my family, for a funeral. Just Benson and I were going. That morning when Benson went down for his nap I let Marshall and Paisley play the Wii and I took that opportunity to have a shower.

In times past this has worked just fine. If I didn't get a chance to shower while Irish was home, I would wait till the baby was napping & put a movie on or let the kids play the Wii. This day was a little different!

I was almost done, when Paisley comes into the bathroom and announces that she wants to shower with me (nothing unusual, this girl LOVES water. I tell her to hurry, as I'm almost done & have a little more packing to do. So she gets in, we lather her up, rinse her off and get out.

Just after we turn the water off I can hear Benson (2.5 months old at the time) screaming his head off! I quickly grab my towel and rush off to get Benson....only I can't, because my bedroom door is locked!! It's not one of those locks that you can stick a bobby pin in either, it's a key lock. We have the key for the door...but yep, you guessed it, it's IN my room. I turn back to Paisley and ask her if she was in my room, to which she 'nonchalantly replies, Yes.

I call Irish at work, in a panic. I don't know what to do. Our poor baby is screaming hysterically on the other side of that door & I can't get to him. I can't get the ladder and go through the window A) I don't think the ladder is even tall enough B)...umm I'm in my towel!! We quickly realize that the only way to get in the room is to break down the door. I hang up, telling him I'll call him back if that doesn't work.

So I put my hip check into action!! I felt like a Mama Bear, there wasn't anything that was going to get between me and my Baby!! Good thing it was an old door, as it didn't take too long. I was so relieved when I got through that I didn't realize until after I had calmed Benson down the damage I had done.
A Mama has to do what a Mama has to do...right!?

Needless to say, I had a talk with Paisley about going into other peoples rooms & touching things that aren't hers...for I think the millionth time (and I'm sure it won't be the last)! 

Good news is that we now have a NEW door on our bedroom. It too has a lock, but one that can easily be opened from the outside by someone who knows what they are doing (ie: not children) should a similar situation occur.


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