Sunday, October 14, 2012

She can take care of herself

Our Paisley is a little firecracker, she definitely keeps me on my toes! She is a determined little girl who knows what she wants, and is going to let you know it... I didn't ever experience "wardrobe malfunctions" with Marshall when he was her age, he could care less what he was wearing!

When we found out that our third child, Benson, was a boy, both Irish and I thought "Ohh good, Paisley will be well taken care of! Two brothers to protect her"...Well I found out the other day, that she may be the one doing the "taking care of"

Paisley, Benson and I were picking Marshall up from school. Marshall was distractedly (it's hard to stay focused when the hallways are crazy with kids here and there) putting his papers into his backpack, and suppose to be switching his shoes...all the necessary things in order for us to go home.

A little girl in Marshall's class who was about 10 feet away starts saying "Martian, Martian, Martian" not in a rude or teasing way...just somewhat chanting it and moving closer to him while doing so. It took a couple minutes, but she eventually made it over to where Marshall was standing. The whole time Marshall was just holding his backpack, semi-smiling...not seeming bothered by what this girl was doing.

So It's Marshall, Paisley and this girl standing in a circle. The girl continues on with her chant "Martian, Martian, Martian" Meanwhile the girls Mom or Daycare Provider has told her that it's not nice to call people names and that she should stop.

By this time Paisley is looking at Marshall, and then at the girl, and back at Marshall. I could just see the wheels turning in her head "she's calling you Martian, are you going to take that, what are you going to do about this" when all of a sudden she just flat out punches the girl in the arm!!!

I was so shocked! She's not usually the hitting/punching type! (although she has been hitting back lately.)

I quickly knelt down to her level and tell her that we do not punch, and tell her that she needs to say  sorry to this little girl! (I think the little girl was just as shocked as I, but she didn't cry or act hurt in any way, she just stood there looking at Paisley) I was trying really hard not to laugh as the image of Paisley punching this other girl kept replaying in my mind, the expression on Paisley's face was priceless!

After about 10 minutes Paisley finally apologizes, in a somewhat acceptable tone.

Lucky for me the Mom/daycare provider didn't seemed to bothered by it as she said when I apologized to her "It's okay, she sorta had it coming"

...Would you judge me I told you I was somewhat silently cheering inside!? I suppose I don't have to worry about this one being bullied...and hopefully she's not the one doing the bullying!!


kaly said...

I must say I'm a bit disappointed reading this. When you told me the story, I thought she punched the girl in the FACE, which to me was way more hilarious! But, the arm is acceptable too. Not condoning violent behaviors, but way to go, P!

TheSchinbeins said...

Hahaha, I laughed out loud!!! Way to go Paisley!! But you're right, punching isn't the way to solve things, it's just nice to know she's a tough one!!

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