Friday, April 29, 2011

Free Drawing Time

This morning as I was trying to get the kitchen all cleaned up from breakfast...and the dishes from the night before the kids were (at first) playing well with each other in the living room. 

It all came to a halt when Marshall came and asked me if he could watch cartoons, to which my answer was "No, but you may go and play with your cars, or make a puzzle, or build something out of lego, play basketball or read a book"

Of course this automatically means that the whining begins! For some reason Paisley thought she should join in on the whining too! How fun!! I decided, instead of trying to 'work through the whining'...and becoming aggravated with my kids, to stop what I was doing and do something with them!

I pulled out the craft box, grabbed the markers and some paper. I told them that I wanted them to draw me a picture of somewhere they would like to go!

This is what we drew:

Marshall's first picture is of a Camel in the desert drinking water. (The Camel is obviously blue because he is so full of water!!)

 For his second picture he wanted to go to the Jungle. The colorful middle object is a Leopard, with water on the right hand side...and if you look closely, there is a darker spot at the very top...ya that is Marshall swimming in the water. On the left hand side you have a basketball hoop...because everyone knows there are basketball hoops in the Jungle!! :)

Now, this is my picture, please don't laugh...I am not very artistic! BUT I want to go to the beach, so I drew us, as a family sun-tanning! Oh and the basketball hoop and ball were added as by request from Marshall! (I was showing him mine, and he said "But Mom, you need to have a basketball hoop!")

aaaannnnnnnnd, Paisley wants to go somewhere over the Rainbow...or maybe IN the rainbow :)

Anywho, we had a good day! I'm glad I took time to draw pictures with my kids, they Loved every minute of it and so did I!


Myrna said...

I love the pictures your family drew! I think you are all tired of winter and ready for some sunshine somewhere! -- or even some rain, so you can see that rainbow!

Mitz said...

First of all you are so cute, what a good momma - sometimes it's hard to stop and get down to play. Second, I LOVE your picture - hahaa, you ARE artistic, so cute!!! And third - do you TAPE the papers to the table? That's GENIUS!! :)

Irish'n'Karley Lilburn said...

Myrna - We ARE tired of winter and are anxiously hoping that spring has decided to come!!

Michelle - Thank you :)I do tape Paisley's paper to the table...Marshall thinks he is too old for that now...or as he would say it "I'm three years old for this!"

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