Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cute Little Purse

For a while now I have been looking all over blog land and in different sewing magazines to try and find a cute little purse to make for Miss P! For some reason I have just now come to the realization that she does not have any girl toys. Okay maybe she has ONE, her pink tinkerbell cell phone, but that is it!

After she was born we didn't buy any new toys, so she has just played along side Marshall with his Cars cars, Toy Story Figures and his basketball.

SO for Easter, the Easter Bunny brought her a cute little baby doll!! Now I am 'stuck' in 'high gear' with the thought that she needs girl toys!! She now has a baby, but she needs a purse, a stroller, a cute little necklace, more hair clips/flowers, a blanket for for baby...etc!

Well Yesterday I finally found the cute little purse I want to make!!

It was SO SUPER EASY!!! I made it in two nights, I could have made it in one, but I took a break to have some snuggle time with my love!

SO here are some pictures of Paisley's new Cute Little Purse.

 It's just the perfect size for someone her age, I can already see her holding it on her arm!

 I free motioned quilted the purse (only the 2nd time I've done this)

...She is going to love this! I'm really not sure if I can wait to give it to her for her Birthday (July) she may be getting a 'Just Because I Love You' gift tomorrow :)

Now GO and make one for a lucky little girl in your life!


TheSchinbeins said...

ADORABLE!!!! How about I pay YOU to make Kaylan one? hehe.. OR we could get together and you could teach me! Cause I do have a sewing machine, I'm just not very good!!

Curtis n' Kristi said...

Sooo cute! Looove it!

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