Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big Time Slacker

I can't believe I have not posted anything, anything since February!! Goodness!! Perhaps I have been busy!? Let me check...umm Yep, I was busy! Here is our past little while, Readers Digest Version!

One Sunday before Church we were actually ready BEFORE we had to go and I had some time to take some pictures...I don't know why, but I just LOVE this picture of her!

 One afternoon Marshall asked to play my iPod...and then 'shared' it with Daddy :)
 Irish and I actually went OUT on a date!! We went out for Wings and then to a Movie!

Started making 300 of these pretty little things for my Sisters wedding at a craft weekend my Sister in Law put on! I had some much APPRECIATED help from my Mother In Law, Father In Law, a few of my Sisters In Law...and believe it or not, Irish and his brother even helped out a little too!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

 Some of the Cousins Visiting Great Grandma

Mini family shot...with a husband who was 'MIA' as he had to work this weekend

A cute little picture I got of Miss P walking down the hall, holding hands with her Great Grandma!

 My baby sister got Married on April 08th, and at the end of March she went through the Temple for the first time! She spent that weekend with us!

 Miss P with Auntie Kristi

Auntie Kristi with the Kids

After the afternoon session of General Conference we had some really great family time, and snapped this fun little picture!
...and as I was a bridesmaid I didn't carry my camera with I had to rely on others for these pictures...and for some reason I don't have any with Kristi and Curtis together!! Lol!

 We took this opportunity of us all at the Temple and dressed up to snap some family pictures!

 Having a little fun with Auntie Lacey on our way to High River after the wedding

On their way down to Kalispell, the newlywed couple stopped at our house for a quick visit!! The kids LOVED it!!

Marshall and Paisley have started to play hide-and-seek together...SOOOO CUTE....and their only hiding spot right now is under the table!!

 We went to Curtis and Kristi's gift opening and Miss P was quite amused by this nerf gun!

 Ohh la la, cupcake cookbook! Kristi will be baking up a storm!

 Sharing some cake with Auntie Kristi

Later that same day was Grandma Koltuns 60th birthday, Marshall enjoyed playing Tile Rummy his own way!!

 Auntie Kaly taking advantage of the situation! P is finally starting to not be such a "mommas/daddys girl"

 My Mr taking a cat nap after church

 M with a moustache like Grandpa :)

 The brains behind the glasses!

M, giving the Glasses a try!!

So as you can see the last little while has been a little busy for us! Hope you enjoyed the little update!
I'll be back sooner that later :)


Myrna said...

A fun update! Reminded me that I forgot to wish Bernie a happy birthday on the day! Silly me. I love all the pictures of your cute family!

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