Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We done good!

As I am sure many of you do, we at Thanksgiving go around the table and each get a turn to say some things that we are grateful for.

This year we had two Thanksgiving dinners, one at my In laws, and the other at my Aunt and Uncles.When it came to Marshall's turn at our second dinner without hesitation he said "Umm, I'm grateful for Jesus Christ, Amen"

Both Irish and I looked at each other and Smiled! "We done good!"

Marshall is such a sweet and caring little boy, and already very protective of his little sister. While we are at the gym, if anyone takes a toy from her, or knocks her down, he will march right up to them stick his face a little too close to theirs and say "You be nice to my sweetie pie"

Once during snack time in nursery she was sitting at the table with all the other kids, he gets up off his chair, goes over to her, puts his hands or her shoulders and proudly says "This is my beautiful girl"

When he gets the chance he LOVES helping her have her bottle.

Lately they have been playing sooooo well together, I love it!


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