Saturday, October 23, 2010

his favourite

Marshall LOVES the Pixar movie 'Cars'. He has a lot of the cars from the movie and a Mack truck. He plays with them allll day! If it's not that, he's playing with Buzz lightyear...who is usually flying with Lightning McQueen. In fact most mornings he is more concerned with finding his two Lightnings, two Sallys, Buzz, Woody and Mack so he can put them on the counter ('s high enough that Paisley can't reach them!) than he is with eating breakfast!

Lately I've noticed more and more dialogue from the movie coming into his play (and honestly he doesn't even watch the movie all that much, I'd say he's probably seen it 3-4 times in the last 2 months). It just amazes me how much he actually remembers from it. I love to stop what I am doing and listen from the other room. I have attempted to get a video of it for a while now...but as usual, when the camera comes out...whatever it was you wanted to catch, stops.

Although today was different. We were sitting down for lunch, and he starts quoting Cars. I listened to the whole scene where Mator is trying to convince Lightning to go tractor tipping with him. Not only is it just dialogue, but he's got the sound effects down to a T! You can't hear it that well on the video, but he even does the whole part after the tractor has been tipped, and makes the noise (gluging) of their gas being all jerked around from tipping and then the whole  'letting the pressure out'. I don't know about you, but I get a kick out of it!

This video isn't as good as what I listened to the first time...but it was the best he would give me of the tractor tipping scene!
Points of Interest

06 seconds- Mator "bawking" like a chicken cause Lightning doesn't want to scare the tractors
18 seconds- Lightning reving his engine, to tip the tractors
30 seconds- the tractor noises (after being tipped)

The next 'bid' he did for me was the very opening scene of the movie where Lightning is giving himself a prep talk before the race!! I love this one, he's added sound effects for this as well!!

Points of Interest
0 - 30 seconds- Lightning's self prep talk
40 - 1:26- the song that plays right as Lightning enters the track (Keep your eye on him at 1:09, as he even does the "UH" in the song with his lip moving over to the one side...just like the car)
2 min 13 seconds- it clicks!

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!


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