Thursday, October 28, 2010

hazardous to their health

...Okay so maybe not to their health...but for their well being!!

So as you know Paisley is now up and walking everywhere! (click here to see the video) She was...(key word *was*) doing good, no falls, no trips, no bruises...until day nine of nine, and ten were not that nice to my Paisley girl. In two days this is what my little girl managed to have happen to her

My poor girl! I felt so bad for her!!

Now take Marshall, he's been walking for over 2 would think he'd get the hang of it by must have been one of those days. On the same day that Paisley got her first two 'beauty marks' Marshall got one of his own, it wasn't too bad. I think I just like the story that goes with it!


We (Marshall and I) decided that we were going to go and clean the van out (believe me it needed it). Marshall was walking to the van with garbage bag in hand. Just like a true boy he was caught up in his 'day dream', swinging the bag up and down in the air, while twirling in circles. I tell ya, it takes talent...but he twirled right smack dab into the middle of a tree! Poor boy, he was totally taken off guard! It took everything within me not to chuckle out loud!

I am happy to say that since these incidents, both of my children have been doing very well in the walking department :)


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