Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's not my birthday

...well actually dear, yes it is!

Today is our little Paisley's THIRD birthday! How time flys!! I can not believe she is three already! She has been so excited for her birthday to come ever since her brother and two cousins celebrated their birthday's in May and June. I almost think Marshall was even MORE excited than Paisley was. Every day he was ask what day it was on the calendar, and then count to see how many more days it was until Miss P's birthday.

On Sunday he came into mine and Irish's room and the first thing out of his mouth was "Today is twenty two, tomorrow is twenty three and Tuesday is twenty four...PAISLEY'S BIRTHDAY"Each time Marshall would mention something about her birthday, she would get all excited, jump up and down and say "Yay, my birthday"

So naturally thinking, we all thought she would be excited when she woke up today and we announced that today was in fact her birthday!

The kids woke up and went downstairs where Irish was already eating his breakfast. He wished her a Happy Birthday and she replied "No, it's not my birthday, I can't see it!"

I didn't know about this, so when I came downstairs I scooped her up in my arms and wished her a happy birthday, to which she replied "It's not my birthday" All morning she got upset if we told her it was her birthday...wierd I know!

By the end of breakfast time, she was saying "It's not my birthday, we have to eat lunch first, then it's my birthday" and technically she was right, since she was born after lunch time!! (smart girl)

Anyways we had a fun day with our little Princess!

We had some fun with our friends at the spray park. 

I made Cake Pops for the first time, they were a hit with the kids ;)
 Marshall and Paisley got to watch a movie later that after noon

  We had homemade Oreo Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

She opened her gifts

She got a new hat from Dad (Red Sox of course)

 and a Melissa & Doug Puzzle

ANNNNND we went on our very first family bike ride!!!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart, We Love You!!! xox


Jeri said...

Aw she's so cute! Love her little hair do :) good work Momma, your little girl is so sweet!

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