Monday, July 16, 2012

Auntie Becca saves the day!!

Since we've returned home (from being on bed rest in Calgary/High River) Monday has become our day to get groceries. It use to be Saturday's, but the stores were always crammed & it "ate up" our family time. So as any other Monday we got up, ate breakfast and got ready to go shopping.

Shopping with three kids isn't the easiest of tasks, especially when the older two don't want to sit in the cart. Most days I can convince Miss P to sit in the cart along with Benson's car seat...but then there is Big M who always seems to be topped to the brim with energy and today especially was no exception.

As with each shopping trip with kids the main goal is: Go in, Get the goods and Get out!

Today we finished up in the store, loaded up the van with the groceries and the kids. I go to start it up and drive home...and Gggg....Gggg.....Ggggg! The van won't start. Now this isn't the first time this has happened to us, in fact the exact same thing happened when we were all loaded up to "move" back to Lethbridge after Benson was born at the end of May. We tried boosting it then, but that didn't work. So we had a brand new battery put in it, I was a little choked when it wouldn't start!

Just to add to my luck, I had plugged my cell phone in earlier that morning to charge it up...and I forgot to bring it with me when I went out for groceries.

So I UNload the kids, walk back into Superstore, and call the husband!! It doesn't help that it's pretty close to lunch and Benson is going to want to eat real soon!

Luckily Irish was able to get a hold of Becca (My cousins lovely wife) and she came to rescue us!! When she arrived at Superstore the spot in front of our van was vacant!  

After we hooked up the booster cables, I got in the front seat of our van, said a quick little prayer, turned the key and PRESTO it started right up!! YAY!

So Thank you Auntie Becca for coming and rescuing me and the hungry kids!!

As I read over this post, it doesn't really seem like a big deal...but at the time it sure felt like it. We only have one vehicle, so it's not like Irish could have come and rescued us. The kids were getting hungry, Benson was starting to fuss. All of my friends have there wasn't much chance that me, and my three kids, plus the groceries and car seats would have fit into one of their vehicles (that is even if I could have remembered any of their numbers...since I didn't have my cell with me).

As of this evening we now have an AMA membership!! That's right van, I dare you not to start again! Mwahahaha *evil laugh* 


TheSchinbeins said...

AMA memberships are great!! I'm glad it wasn't something more serious. Do you still buy your groceries at Superstore? Do you know they give free cookies to kids at the bakery?! That's what's been keeping me sane going with Kaylan, cause she knows if she's good she gets a cookie! :)

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