Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Potty Training

In all honesty, potty training Paisley has been 100 times easier than it was with Marshall. It could be the fact that I was not eight months pregnant trying to squat down in a tiny little bathroom for "hours on end", or it could be the fact that she is a girl...and apparently girls potty train faster than boys, OR it could just be that she is that awesome!! :)

Back in February Paisley was showing interest in the Potty, not only did I think she was a little young, but I honestly did not have the time! We (the kids and I) worked every morning at the Gym, and I did not think it was fair to her to only 'potty train' half the I could not give my whole undivided attention to her while at the Gym. So we had the portable potty out and available, and she would use it before bed, and baths.

At the start of July I was working much less, and it worked out that I had 6 days off in a row...I thought "it's now or never" so we went for it! And you know what?! By the end of the first day, she was rocking it! She told us every single time she had to pee!! I could not of been happier! Mentally I was in it for the long haul!! She was doing so well that I didn't even think she would need a chart!

As much as the #1's were making it into the potty, the #2's were not. Which I understood, I didn't expect it to happen over night. But after four weeks of cleaning up poopie panties, I was spent. Each time we would transfer the log to the toilet, explain that this is where we poop, NOT in our precious princess panties. Each time she would say "Poop, potty, no panties"....but would continue to poop in them.

Although I tried to pay attention as to what time of day she would release the torpedo, she started going at different times every day...I think she caught on to what I was trying to do!

SO finally I made a Potty Chart!! It seems to be working VERY well! We've only had it two days...but those two days she's made it to the potty! Better yet, today she TOLD me she had to go!! (day one was luck, Marshall had just finished and I told her that it was her turn, stuck her on and she went!!)

...In fact I think I owe this success not to the potty chart, but to Marshall. We had been explaining for a while now that Daddy poops on the potty, Mommy poops on the potty, Marshall poops on the potty AND Paisley can too! So yesterday, I took her into the bathroom with Marshall and "made her watch"...I think the light bulb came on!! :)

Here are a few pics of my little girl in her big girl panties...I believe she was trying to take her shirt off...but just couldn't figure it out. 

Oh and if anyone knows how to add a link or something for an excel and/or a pdf document, let me know...I was trying to figure it out so I could add the potty chart if any of you Mom's venturing into this stage wanted to take a peak at it....maybe I will just have to take a picture of it! :)


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