Friday, January 7, 2011


The other day my manager came into the ChildCare and asked if he could talk to me once all the kids were gone. I said sure. Not really knowing what he wanted to talk about my mind started wandering in many different directions.

We have had a few major changes at our gym as of late. Another gym here in town closed down and all their members were transferred over to us (those that wanted to) needless to say it has been quite a ride the last few weeks! New kids...a lot of kids, new parents (some nice...some think they own the place and give me attitude! some not so much), new employees, more paperwork, confusion about payments, and no one feeling on the same page as anyone else!

Since I went back to work in October, I have kind of taken it upon myself to keep things running smoothly in the childcare and making sure everything was being done properly. Since I was the only employee who had been there the longest, and new what should be going on and how things were done...I just took 'charge'.

WELL, I was called into my manager's office to be asked if I would like to be the Child Care Supervisor! In my head I smirked because I'm pretty sure I was already doing the duties of the supervisor anyways...but just to be sure what I might be getting myself into I asked what that entailed!

Their response was (both my Manager & Owner of the gym were present):
-Checking receipts & the sign in book to make sure everyone was paid for
-Getting new parents to fill out info/waiver forms for their children

-Manage 'my employees' (making sure they are doing what they are suppose to be doing)
-Making the schedule for 'my' employees
-Hold staff meetings

Oh and of course a raise! :)

Since I was already doing the first 3 things they said, I said YES.
I'm on a three month probation and then I get to talk to them again and see how things are going!

I think it should be I have fun, easy going girls to work with!

The thing I am most excited about is I now have Friday's OFF, I have to do a double shift on Tuesdays...but Irish will be home in the afternoon so I won't have to bring the kids with me! I also may have to work the occasional Saturday...but that's no biggie!


Mitz said...

Congratulations! That sounds like it's really going to work out well for you! :)

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