Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fun Family FHE

So my B-I-L and Nephew came over yesterday to spend the night with us. We ate supper, and then for FHE Jay wanted to take us sledding...not the type of sledding you are probably thinking of though. This, this is what I shall call "farm sledding".

Irish was really excited to go and try it out. We both didn't think Marshall would even want to try, as he is the kid who freaks out when a drop of water lands on his head, gets the tiniest bit of snow in his face...yada yada yada...etc, etc. So I basically went with them thinking we'll give Marshall a chance...but that I would end up taking both him and Paisley home and just put them to bed. (I also didn't think he would want to try as I'm pretty sure I scarred him for life when he was about 18months. I took him tobogganing and he got a face full of snow, and was terrified!!)

We drove over to the Exhibition grounds, and got the sled you know what type of sledding I'm talking about now? Yes, you are right! We hooked up a sled to Jay's truck...and then he drove us around the parking lot!

Iarnan goes first. Next we ask Marshall if he wants to try. Surprisingly he actually says 'Yes'.

 We get him situated on the toboggan

 Jay and Irish give him the 'prep talk' & explain the appropriate hand signals to give Jay if he wants to stop. I'm thinking he's going to get off any minute....does he realize he is going to pulled around by a TRUCK? Does he comprehend what he is doing??

 But he stays on, and as soon as Jay starts driving away I expect to hear screaming & crying, or to see him roll off the sled. NOPE! what do we hear?! Nothing but PURE laughter and 'squeals' of excitement! It was AWESOME!

We all had turns, and Marshall went 3 or 4 times! He loved it!

Even Paisley wanted to try. Surprisingly enough, she didn't cry for the first little bit either. I was trying to protect her face so she wouldn't get blown with snow, but there was one turn where we both got it...and she started crying after that!

 Three little Eskimos

 He honestly made my night by loving this so much

 Paisley kept walking back over to the sled, she wanted more...too funny!

 Irish gets a turn

 Sibling love

 The long-john masked man (aka: Jay, the bearded one)

 My three most favorite people!

 Iarnan (aka: Long-John Jr)

Annnnd, probably the cutest picture of the night! We had just finished reading scriptures as a family and Iarnan went to read his book before bed. Paisley went up the stairs all by herself (bringing the BOM with her), she went into M's room and sat down beside Iarnan to read her book!!


Mitz said...

That sounds like so much fun!! Next snow storm we'll have to head out and take Porter, I think he'd love it! Cute pictures!

AshleyElizabeth said...

Wow that sounds soo fun! and I sure love that picture of P at the end... what a Doll!

Myrna said...

Loved this post. Love your cute family, Irish.

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