Monday, September 6, 2010

Most Amazing Brownies!

Tonight I made "the most amazing brownies"...well they could have been a little better but I think I baked them a little too long. (or maybe it was my oven) (so keep an eye on them near the end when YOU make them)

ANYWAYS, other than the outside ones being a little crunchy, they were DELICIOUS! Brownie, Chocolate, and Caramel all wrapped into ONE, what could be better?!?

So here it is, I give you, the recipe! (OH and I must give IRISH the credit, he FOUND the recipe!!)

I only give you two warnings
1) Handle with care
2) Eat responsibly :)


The Most Amazing Brownies <-- Click


Sandra said...

Making these tonight! We've got a girls night tonight - potluck favorite desserts! Never tried this but I'm sure it'll be good!

Brendan said...

you sure these aren't those ones I saw you buy from Safeways?... :P

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