Thursday, September 23, 2010

Joke of the day

...or every day for that matter!

Marshall likes to 'tell jokes'.

 Everyday, usually when we are at the table eating a meal ( yes, this happens three times a day) Marshall will say:

M: Knock Knock
Usually me: Who's there?
M: Grandma, Great Grandma and Grandpa!!
and then lets out this big laugh, followed by "oh that funny mom"

Everyday, when I am "talking with Mother Nature" Marshall will:
Knock on the door while saying "Knock, Knock"
Me: Who's there?
M: it's ASTRO BOY! (followed by laughing)

I love my little guy! I'm glad he thinks he is so hilarious! We all laugh with him...well mostly it's with him, but usually it's at him, but only cause his facial expressions and his actions are so.darn.cute.

Marshall, I love you so much. I enjoy watching you grow everyday! I hope you never stop telling us your jokes!!


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