Friday, January 15, 2010

A long time coming...and only half way there

Soooo I've been trying to make a quilt for Marshall for just over a year now. I had my cousin purchase the material in the states in December '08, cut the material out with my Mother-in-law just after Christmas (2008)....and then I was sort of 'stuck' for a while trying to find the right images for the pieces I was going to applique!

It wasn't until this past November ('09) that I actually got started on the applique part, and go figure just as I was on a roll getting them done one by machine decides it doesn't like to 'zig zag' anymore!! I was really wanting to get this quilt done for Marshall for this Christmas ('09)...but with my machine in the shop, I lost two weeks of quality sewing time!

So I didn't REALLY get started until December 22, when we were on our Christmas holidays and I was able to sew alllll day for two days! Even then I still get it all done!

As of right now I have the entire top done, just need to add buttons for wheels, the word 'STOP' on the stop sign and get the back put together!

Here is what it looks like so far!

and close up's of the signs & vehicles...


AshleyElizabeth said...

You did such a good job!!!

The Hartley's said...

That is so cute!! You are one dedicated mama.

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