Friday, January 15, 2010

Brotherly Love

This was too cute NOT to blog about it!
Wednesday started out like a normal morning, got up after trying to get a little bit of a 'sleep in' and ate breakfast with Marshall while Paisley hung out in her jumperoo (which she LOVES). After breakfast Paisley was ready for a nap, so I took her to her room and wrapped her up like a snug little bug in a rug. My window for a shower has just arrived. So I quickly clean the breakfast mess up and turn on some cartoons for Marshall. A little more than half way into my shower Marshall comes up stairs and into the bathroom to tell me that "Mom, Paysee tying" (translation: Mom, Paisley is crying), so I ask him if he can go talk to her and I'll be down in a little bit. He lovingly says "Otay".
Once I'm out I head downstairs to her room, I can hear her, but she's not crying too much. So I walk past the TV room and Marshall is in there, I think to myself 'ohh he didn't try to make her happy' as I notice Paisley's bedroom door is shut. SOOOO I walk into her room to find THIS!

What a sweet brother, trying to cheer her up by sharing his toys with her, I mean she has everything she could want: TWO balls, a tractor AND don't miss the Wii Fit plus...(not even in it's case)

Right now Marshall LOVES his sister and 90% of the time Paisley thinks Marshall is hilarious! She will laugh at most anything he does! For example the other night we were all kneeling down in front of the couch with Paisley sitting up facing us for Marshall's bed time prayers. Marshall has been pretty good with saying them mostly by himself. Now he isn't doing anything silly, or goofy...he is just praying BUT Paisley is laughing non stop, for some reason she is getting the biggest kick out of this! Marshall is trying not to laugh, but it's kind of hard when you have a little sister who's laugh is soooo contagious!!

I hope their relationship will only go up from here!


AshleyElizabeth said...

aww that adorable! what a good brother!

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