Friday, January 23, 2009

School, bahball, and no sickness!!

It’s been a while, but I thought right now is better than never.
School is back in session and that means back to studying and having a “part time” relationship with my family. That’s one of the crappiest parts of school. I like spending lots of time with my family, and if I’m at school in classes/labs/studying, there is less family time. So, that’s why I say “part time”.
This year I am taking; Biology 1010, Kinesiology 2200 (Research Methodologies in Physical Activity Involvement), Knes 2000 (Foundations of Motor Skill Acquisition), Knes 2130 (Humanities Dimensions of Physical Activity Involvement), and Computer Science 1000. CS 1000 is my GPA booster this semester. I didn’t know that some University students didn’t know how to “double click”, or what the power button looks like. Do you know what hardware is?! Ya, this has been the lectures so far. Pretty boring. The first class I looked up Physical Therapy schools in the states and played mini golf on addicting games. The last class that I had, my friend and I just chatted the whole time (the funny thing is that we sit by each other). The other classes I have are good. I’ve always had a little battle with Bio, but I think this year will be different.
I’ve been playing basketball the last few weeks and I feel great. There is a church (stake) league going on, and so far we are 3-0. The first 2 games we played we won by over 30 points. Last night’s game was a little different. We won by 10, but we played at the 10th Ave chapel. Their gym is about 50 feet long and 30 feet wide. It was way different than playing in our larger gym. I did get a few injuries. I got a head to my cheek bone, an elbow to my jaw, and got the wind knocked out of me so bad I thought I was going to pass out. The guy that I ran into was about a foot taller than me and about 200 pounds larger than me. Remember watching Steve Nash get creamed by Robert Horry? Thats kinda what I felt like(but I didn’t lose a tooth).
Marshall is doing some really funny things lately. Just a few nights ago I went up to check on him and he was on his back with the covers halfway covering him. I go to move him back onto his tummy, and he starts crying. I tell him “it’s ok, you just need to go to sleep”. He keeps on crying, but I notice that his eyes aren’t open. He gets up on his knees and points to his bed, taps it a few times and then finally stops crying. His eyes are still shut, and he starts nodding off. I had to try my hardest not to laugh!! I think he was acting out his dream. We watch basketball highlights every morning on the lap-top and now, when he gets up I ask him what he wants. I assume he will say “nana” (for banana), or point to his sippy cup. NO WAY- he says “ i wan bahball... pees” (please). What a cutie!
Karley is doing great! We were just talking last night and she hasn’t been nauseous in a while, and we are almost over 3 months, so we think she is done being sick. She wasn’t near as sick as she was being pregnant with Marshall.
Have a great one- You know what my motto is “hey- I got some time to kill .........” (only a few people will get this one)


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