Sunday, November 11, 2012

Freezer Meals

About three weeks ago I was preparing to make another five week meal menu (I'm telling you this is the BEST thing ever! Not having to stress about what we will be having for dinner for five weeks is AmAzING!!) my friend told me about this site (six sisters' stuff). She had told me that she had been on there looking at some recipes and they all looked delicious. SO I decided to go and check it out...I think i`m safe to say that the majority of my meals on the latest menu are from this website.

I found recipes for 8 freezer meals! (that apparently you can put together in 1 hour...but whoever did this did not have three children at home, one of which is the most adorable little boy you have ever seen...who (at the time) never seems to sleep, considers naps to be 45 min or less, and just wanted to be held)

It took me the better part of the afternoon...all afternoon to put them all together. I went shopping in the morning & got everything that I needed. They also provide a printable shopping list, & a suggested side dish...very nice, no `thinking`required! I was amazed at how in expensive it was. When you think about it, I was purchasing groceries for the entire week, plus all the items for the eight freezer meals (I already have the chicken and spareribs in the I didn`t have to buy them) annnd also purchased some items that were on sale! I spent just over $100 (that is almost enough food for two full weeks...not fresh fruit & veggie wise, but dinners for sure)

Needless to say, I`m LOVING prepping dinner this month!!

So far we have eaten two of the freezer meals. The BBQ Spareribs & the Maple Dijon Glazed Chicken. Both were good, not amazing, or oh my goodness I have to make this again...but they were good...and my kids ate it (always a bonus)


Kdity said...

so much fun! Lurve it!!

kaly said...

I keep thinking about these freezer meals and hoping you could send me the links for the recipes! I totally need to figure something out for my teaching nights.

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