Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ta da dalaaaaaaa

This morning as Marshall was cuddling in our bed with he does every.single.morning...he was saying how he was hungry and he needed cheerios. I told him to go and put some socks, long pants and either a sweater or long sleeved shirt on.

About 3 minutes later he come back into our doorway and as he approaches sings "Ta da dalaaaaaaaa". I look at him and he is wearing socks, shorts and a short sleeved shirt.

I tell him "Marshall, go put pants and a long sleeved shirt on silly, it's cold outside"

He replies "oh that's funny" and walks away.

About another 3 minutes pass and he comes running down the hallway and as he gets closer to our doorway sings "Ta da dalaaaaaaa" Pauses and asks "How bout this guys?" while tapping his legs with his hands.

Both Irish and I start laughing, because all he did was go and put on a different pair of shorts!

Oh what a silly boy! He seriously wants to wear shorts every day!

P.S. He also sings "Ta da dalaaaaaaaaaa" all the time. Whenever he finishes something and wants to show us he brings out the ta da dalaaaaaaa


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