Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sibling Love

It's really late, so I should really be in bed...but i've had the 'itch' to blog something for a while now...just haven't found the time to do so.

First off, It makes me so happy that Marshall is such a caring big brother. He absolutely LOVES Paisley. He is constantly hugging and kissing her, getting toys for her, making her laugh, and now that she is a little more mobile on the floor he is helping her get 'un-stuck' from underneath the couches!

But today, it just melted my heart when I was making supper and looked over into the living room and saw this...

He was just 'hangin' out' with Miss P, giving her loves!! (SO glad I had time to grab the camera and snag a picture)

I know the squabbles will come...but I hope for the most part they can be best buds and continue to keep on 'hangin' out'.


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