Friday, September 4, 2009

Top 10 reason why I think I'm becoming a 'sewaholic'

10. There is a loooooong list of things I want to sew (another quilt for Marshall, re-cover my oven mitts, cute bumper pads for when Paisley moves into the crib, as well as matching crib skirt and a cute little pillow for her room, a bag for Marshall to carry all of 'his' stuff in for church, stockings for our whole family, a 'hot momma' apron, a new camera strap etc...)

9. I have used my sewing machine more in the last two months than I have in my entire life!

8. I've been doing more sewing lately than scrapbooking!

7. Seriously thinking about getting a leash for Marshall so I can actually go into a fabric store for more than 5 minutes without him running up and down the isles!

6. Just thinking about sewing makes me happy

5. I surf the internet looking for cute fabric

4. I get all giddy inside when I finish something

3. I now know who Amy Butler is

2. Instead of waisting my time of Facebook, I now waist it 'blog surfing' other people's blogs seeing what things they sew. My favourite one so far is This and That

1. In the middle of the night after I'm done feeding Paisley, I can't quite get back to sleep because i'm thinking of all the things I could sew/make

...My name is Karley and that is why I think I am becoming a sewaholic!


Michelle said...

I loved this! I totally understand although the only things I ever really get to sew are my nursing covers. I do have high hopes to one day get to my own projects too! Amy Butler is the BEST, check out Michael Miller as well, he's got some really cute stuff. Happy sewing!

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