Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trains and Quilts

Tonight after supper Irish pulled out a new Lego train set. Marshall was so excited!! At first we had it on the table, and Marshall kept saying "choo choo, round and round". We decided to put it on the floor to see what he would do!! Here are some pics, and one video!!

Also some pictures of the quilt I started and finished in one day, with the help of my Mother-in-law! She knows so much about sewing! I learned how to do lots this day! Now Marshall has a new quilt for the spring/summer! (I just LOVE the colors!!)


missLaura said...

CUTE quilt Karley!

missLaura said...

Oh, I have instructions on how to sew a nursing cover (like peek-a-boob). Let me know if you want them. It's supper easy!

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